Effective Exercise Routines for Long-term Weight Loss

Best Exercises for Long-Term Weight Loss

Step aerobics can help you lose the weight and keep it off!

If you want to do something right, you need to plan for it. Planning beforehand makes you seek the most effective approach that is invaluable to the success of your undertaking.

The same principle applies for weight loss. There are a lot of weight loss plans, but not all of them are effective for the long term.

If you want to achieve your desired weight and keep it that way for good, then you have to choose and incorporate the following routines. They are guaranteed to be the best and most effective ways for your permanent fitness goal.

Cardio Exercise Routines

Cardio exercises comprise of physical activities that not only improve one’s well-being but are effective at achieving permanent weight loss as well. They teach you to target on burning a pound a week. Sustainable weight loss is a slow but sure process.

It is not about crash diets and getting your desired figure in just a month’s time—it is about having the discipline to eat right and burn those extra calories diligently.

You have to be careful when you plunge into this goal. It is advisable that you consult your doctor first and ask him what the best exercise routine and intensity is for you.

Check out the following cardio exercises:

1. Running

Running is probably one of the most uncomplicated physical activities aside from walking or brisk walking. It works well at hoisting up your heart rate rapidly, and you can do it almost anytime, anywhere. An average person burns 300 calories in a 30-minute 5.2 mph run.

But if you can’t handle the intensity, start slow. You don’t have to force yourself to speed up at the first try. Nevertheless, make it a point to at least run 45 minutes a day so that you get the stamina and endurance you need.

2. Swimming Routines

Swimming, aside from being a fun and relaxing activity, is also an effective calorie burning exercise routine. If you are a beginner, recommended stroke techniques are freestyle and breaststroke. Spending 30 minutes doing breaststrokes burns 400 calories off your system.

3. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is another good calorie burner. It is preferred by a lot of women who want to tone their legs, hips, or behinds. With this exercise, you can easily lose 400 pounds in half an hour. You can take classes at the gym or buy a good aerobic DVD, if you prefer to do the routine at home.

Aside from cardio exercise routines, you can also do some strength training or resistance exercises; just don’t make them the cornerstone of your weight loss plan.

Making these exercise routines a part of your lifestyle is the ultimate key to achieving your fitness goals. Pick one that you enjoy the most and let it help you reap long-enduring, desirable results!

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