Eazol Pain Relief Medication FAQs

What Causes Chronic Pain?
Pain can have many causes, including conditions such as broken bones, burns, disease growths and the like, that require urgent medical treatment. Chronic pain is often caused by inflammation and irritation of the joints, muscles and gastrointestinal tract. Taking Eazol is NOT a substitute for treatment by a physician for chronic pain conditions, but Eazol's active ingredients can help to control this sort of chronic and severe pain without causing the side effects associated with many artificial pain relievers.


Is Stress a Factor in Chronic Pain?
Studies have shown that stress can be a causative factor in pain, and can make existing pain worse. There is evidence to show a connection between depression (which itself is sometimes the result of chronic pain) and increased stress and pain. Eazol's relaxing ingredients help to reduce the feeling of stress associated with pain, and may help to relieve the pain-stress-more pain feedback loop.


What Are Prostaglandins, and Can They Cause Pain?
Prostaglandins originally were mistakenly thought to be associated specially with the prostate. Actually, they are found in nearly all tissues of both women and men. Prostaglandins are messengers that work within the cells where they are manufactured. Prostaglandins are involved in many functions, from blood clotting to reproduction. Exactly this variety of uses also means that when prostaglandin levels are too high, a variety of side effects may appear, including inflammation, pain and fever. Eazol helps to control the level of prostaglandin synthesis, which in turn works to control the unwanted side effects.


Does Eazol Have Any Side Effects?
No. The active ingredients in Eazol have not been shown to have any side effects. In fact, studies indicate that they avoid side effects such as irritation of the gastrointestinal tract caused by many other pain relievers.