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Easy To Grow Indoor Plants Improve Your Emergency Preparedness


Easy To Grow Indoor Plants Improve Your Emergency PreparednessStocking up on bottled water and canned food is absolutely necessary to creating an emergency action plan for your family. 

But, at some point, you’re going to want something fresh to eat! 

Even a few pots of green growing plants on a windowsill will cheer a household in an emergency situation. 

Knowing that in a few days or weeks you’ll be able to eat those plants makes them even more cheerful!

Here are a few easy ways to include real living foods in your meals during the stressful time after a disaster occurs:

Herb Garden

Turn your windowsill into an herb garden. If you have a window that gets lots of light, you have the perfect start to your herb garden. Herb gardens are easy to grow and add bright color and a blast of flavor to your foods.

Some of the easiest herbs to begin growing are basil, mint, rosemary, chives, and cilantro. Put each in a small pot with good drainage.  Then, when you cook up a simple meal, or even open a can of tuna, snip some fresh herbs and add more than flavor to your dish – add interest!


Sprouting is a fast, inexpensive and easy way to add nutritious veggies to your diet. All you need to begin sprouting is a glass jar with a mesh lid, or a sprouting bag.  Rinse the seeds, then put them in a bowl to soak overnight, fully covered in clean drinking water. 

Don’t throw out the soaking water if you are in an emergency situation.  It’s just fine to drink or cook with.

Easy To Grow Indoor Plants Improve Your Emergency PreparednessTransfer the soaked beans to the jar or sprouting bag, then rinse each morning and evening until your sprouts reach maturity.

Depending on the type of seed you are using, they will normally be ready to eat within 2 to 6 days. 

Sprouts can be eaten raw, on sandwiches, in soups, salads, casseroles, or just mixed into cooked rice. 

As an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, sprouts definitely return the investment of time you spend on their production.


Growing various types of lettuce is easy.  If you have a 4 x12 inch container, good soil, proper drainage, good light, seeds, and water, you’ll be able to harvest your lettuce in just a few weeks. 

Lettuce is so easy to grow, you’ll probably want to set up several containers so you can grow enough to have at every meal.

You can also have a continuous crop by staggering planting times about a week apart. This should provide you with fresh lettuce regularly. Varieties to look for are Romaine, Butterhead and Leaf Lettuce.

The great thing is the seeds are cheap, the yield is good, and the green crunchy freshness is a welcomed addition to your kitchen, especially in the turmoil during an emergency situation.


Easy To Grow Indoor Plants Improve Your Emergency PreparednessTomatoes are easy to grow indoors, but only if you have the right conditions. Tomatoes require temperatures around 65 to 80 degrees along with about 8 to 12 hours of sunlight each day in order to thrive indoors.

If you want to have tomatoes year around you should plan on an indeterminate variety.  This means the variety you choose won’t die until the frost sets in. 

Seeing as you grow them indoors, the frost shouldn’t ever set in, so you should have a continuously growing plant.

There are many types of compact tomato plants, but make sure they aren’t determinate on the seasons and frost.  These determinate tomato plants will generally provide fruit at a certain time of year, then the plant dies.

Choosing the right type of tomato plant is very important to be able to grow a healthy plant indoors. Hybrid plants are determinate so you want to choose an heirloom variety. Some of the best ones are Baxter’s Early Bush, Tommy Toe, or Pink Ping Pong varieties.  All of these produce small tomatoes.

Plant your indoor plants in small enough pots so you can move them outside when the weather permits.    With a bit of wind, rain, and sun, your indoor plants will get hardier. 

When it comes time to move it back inside, you’ll have a nice strong plant that is ready to relax and hand over the produce.

You can’t prevent certain events in life, but you can prepare for them

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