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Early Detection: Making a Difference in Osteoporosis


Early Detection: Making a Difference in OsteoporosisOsteoporosis is a medical condition where the bone is caused to lose it’s density. As it develops, the bone starts to become porous and in the end not nearly as strong as it used to be and also very brittle.

Because of this, a person who suffers with it is much more likely to have bone fractures even with the slightest of injury.

Osteoporisis has earned the nickname ‘The Silent Disease’ because it does not cause any pain and develops very slowly.

Every bone in our body is made of protein, calcium and collagen. These substances, working together, keep our bones both strong and healthy. As we age, the formation of the bone changes and density is slowly lost.

If there is a low level of calcium, certain minerals and phosphorous the bones begin to become weak and osteoporosis begins. Some people only get a milder form of this condition called osteopenia, which is characterized by bones that are weak and not as dense as they should be.

Women who are in the midst of menopause are more likely to have osteoporosis than other people, male or female. It usually appears after the age of fifty. If you are careful to eat plenty of quality calcium, exercise regularly, use medication or herbal medicines then you can easily manage the symptoms. Do not ignore the symptoms because you can end up in a lot of pain with fractures in your spine or hips. In the end, you could be disabled and have many further complications.

In the early stages, you will probably not notice any symptoms but in later phases will notice things like chronic lower back pain, bone fractures, loss of height or curvature of the spine.

Most doctors will tell women that it is important to have the density of their bones checked during a regular screening, especially after the age of fifty. The result is called Bone Mineral Density (BMD). After your doctor gets the test results they will know which way to go with a treatment plan, if necessary. If you have a family history of this disease then you should be sure to start doing your regular screenings from the beginning.

Black cohosh and Pasque flower are both ideal herbs that help to support the female reproductive system and the central nervous system. They are both very gentle and have no side effects. Other alternative therapies you can try are acupuncture, yoga and tai chi. You might also want to strongly consider physical therapy. Staying active can help you to be more resistant to bone chipping in the future.

Xtend-Life Bone-Support is a highly advanced formula containing 11 specific active ingredients to help strengthen and protect your skeletal system, for improved posture, mobility, strength, reduced pain, and reduced risk of degenerative disease.

It is not a typical ‘supermarket’ bone formula with limited activity and benefits. Most importantly it contains ingredients that will give you the most effective natural protection against bone density loss as you age.

Bone density loss can lead to fractures, hip replacements and often premature death brought on by the trauma of a broken hip. Together with a good diet and moderate weight-bearing exercise, Bone-Support can provide the help you need to reduce the risk of fractures and build denser and stronger bones.

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