Do You Have a Rare Sleep Disorder?

Do you have a rare sleep disorderMany people who have sleep disorders don’t even realize that they have them, and most people with rare sleep disorders have such interesting and bizarre symptoms that they convince themselves these things aren’t actually happening and they are instead simply a product of imaginative dreams.

Just because a sleep disorder is rare, however, it does not mean that they don’t occur. In fact, some rare sleep disorders have such specific attributes that once you seek out medical help and list your symptoms it will be immediately obvious what the problem is.

The first step to figuring out if you have a rare sleep disorder is trying to find out if you have any sleep disorder at all. Do you wake up frequently throughout the night, or have trouble falling asleep at all? Do you wake up too early, or toss and turn so much that you can’t seem to get comfortable at night?

You may not even be personally aware of your sleeping problems, but if family members reveal to you that you have bizarre habits during sleeping hours then this is a pretty reliable indication that you have a sleep disorder.

You need to rule out any environmental factors before assuming that you have a sleep disorder. Do you take drugs prescription or otherwise that may be disrupting your sleep patterns or ability to fall and stay asleep? Is there something within your sleeping area that may be interrupting your sleep, such as noisy neighbors, traffic, or pets that don’t spend much time sleeping at night? You need to rule these things out before seeking medical assistance for a sleeping disorder.

Your level of stress can also have a huge effect on the quality of sleep that you get. Even if you are exhausted by the time night rolls around, a day full of stress and toil can set the stage for a sleepless night. Even if you don’t realize that your mind is still mulling over the events of the day while you’re trying to fall asleep the probability is high. In this instance, it may not be a rare sleep disorder that’s keeping you from getting quality sleep. You may need to learn some relaxation techniques.

Once you have ruled out chemical, environmental, and stress-induced reasons for your poor sleep, it’s time to head to the doctor to chat about some ways you can sleep better. It is a great idea to first do some research online to learn about the various sleep disorders that exist. If you run across something that sounds exactly like the problems you’re having then be sure to bring it up to your doctor.

Even if something is classified as “rare” among sleeping disorders, you should not shy away from discussing it with your doctor. You may actually have a combination of sleep disorders that might be treated all at the same time or individually, because it is certainly not rare for more than one sleep disorder to exist at the same time. Even if your sleep disorder is rare, you will probably be able to encounter some relief by seeking medical assistance.

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