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Discussing Migraines with Your Doctor

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migraine headachesMigraines and associated symptoms can be treated with prescription drugs. This of course requires a doctors signature and prior exam. When discussing migraines with your doctor, asking the right questions and more importantly offering the right information are crucial. It is a good idea to compile a list of facts to offer to the doctor.

These facts need to detail your daily activities, your food choices, and any observations you have made prior, during, and after the experience of a migraine headache and other migraine pains.

For example, your list of facts could include the following:

1. The number of migraine headaches of pains in a given month. Be specific, especially if you find that the number fluctuates significantly.

2. The duration of your headaches. Your doctor needs to know if they last a couple of hours or a couple of days.

3. The location of the actual migraine pain. Make sure to explain to your doctor where the pain starts, if subsequent pains is experienced in different bodily locales, and also if the same presentation of pain is experienced during each and every headache.

4. The disturbances that accompany your migraine pains. This list might include nausea as opposed to actual vomiting, muscle spasms, vision problems, light and sound sensitivities, and any other assorted compounding symptoms.

5. The nature of the migraine pain. It may be a steady pounding, a stabbing pain, throbbing, or a combination as the episode continues. Ensure that your doctor understands these nuances, as they greatly influence the treatment and also prevention methods.

6. The kinds of known trigger substances you ingest on a daily or weekly basis. This may include lactose, caffeine, monosodium glutamate, alcohol or nicotine, chocolate, and also artificial sweeteners and items containing them.

7. List the kinds of events you believe may have triggered a migraine episode. This may include a stressful event, a change in the weather, a lack of sleep, failure to exercise, and also the onset of menstruation.

8. List all medications, over the counter drugs, and also herbal supplements you are currently taking, even if you do not take them specifically for the prevention or migraines. For example, if you take a daily aspirin for the sake of heart health even if it is not doctor suggested you need to let your doctor know.

9. List anyone else in your family who suffers either from severe headaches, migraine headaches, or other kinds of migraine pain. There is some proof that migraines are a genetically passed on condition and having someone in your family who is already under a doctors care may help you to avoid a lot of trial and error medication dosing in an effort to avoid migraines.

Full disclosure of any and all facts that may factor into your susceptibility for migraine headaches is of vital importance. Remember that what might seem a negligible fact to you, for your physician might spell the difference in a treatment or medication dosage option. In this case, detail and information overkill is actually considered a very good thing.

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