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Discover Coconut Water – A Nutrient Rich Choice


Discover Coconut Water - A Nutrient Rich ChoiceTake a look at your collection of recipes for smoothies. Most will call for some sort of liquid to be added to the blender.

It could be orange juice, water, or milk, just to name a few. Each of these liquids will create a different smoothie.

The fresh taste of orange is wonderful, but so is the creamy texture and taste of a smoothie with milk. So, why even consider adding water?

Well, because most of us don’t drink enough good old H2O during our day, and a smoothie is a great place to get one more glass of water in your diet.

But, what if that glass of water contained additional nutrients, even some vitamin C, calcium, iron, dietary fiber, and, yes, protein?

That sounds like it could be called ‘super water.’ What we’re actually talking about is coconut water.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Discover Coconut Water - A Nutrient Rich ChoiceUnlike coconut milk, which is a thick creamy product produced using the grated coconut ‘meat,’ coconut water is actually the clear watery substance poured off of the opened coconut.

This is a naturally occurring product, not produced other than what’s necessary to strain and package.

If you buy a natural coconut water product, it should have very little taste, not at all similar to a bag of sweetened shredded coconut.

Pure coconut water will have only the slightest hint of being part of a coconut at one time. The benefit of this is the taste will not overpower or even compete with other ingredients in your smoothie.

So, now back to the nutrients. There is a bit of debate over the true health benefits of coconut water.

In addition to the nutrients mentioned earlier, coconut water contains sodium and potassium, which help balance fluids in the body. Of course, there are other potassium rich foods, like bananas, spinach, and papaya.

Why not put all these excellent foods in with the coconut water and enjoy them all?

Coconut water also contains electrolytes, which is an important benefit for people who take their exercise seriously. For people who have difficulty staying hydrated due to digestive conditions, consuming coconut water has been shown to be quite helpful.

People who live in regions where coconuts are readily available often drink coconut water as a way of life, and swear by its benefits, both for hydration and nutrition. Many cultures depend on coconut water for hydration after illness or childbirth.

Modern medicine may not agree with all these claims, partly because of the sodium, natural sugars, and calories, but that doesn’t mean coconut water is not a viable source of hydration and some nutrition.

Will You Like Coconut Water?

Discover Coconut Water - A Nutrient Rich ChoiceThe only way to find out if you like coconut water is to try it. Read the label and decide if the nutrients that benefit your healthy lifestyle (fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein) are worth the elements that may not be the best for you (sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium).

Of course, you’ll want to consider the price since coconut water will cost more than tap water and bottled water. Give coconut water a try in your next smoothie and you be the judge.

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