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Digestion Tea

Here’s How:

  1. While water is boiling, prepare your Herbs and add them to your cup or tea pot.
  2. Remove boiling water from heat and pour over the Herbs.
  3. Cover and let steep 15 minutes then drink.


  1. Keep covered while steeping, this is a secret to the effectiveness of many tea Herbs to keep the volatile oils in.
  2. I prefer one or two slices of fresh Ginger however a pinch of powdered works as well.
  3. Powdered Caraway and Cinnamon may also be used as a substitute for seeds or bark.
  4. Cinnamon is added for taste and warming during cold winter months.

What You Need:

1 teabag Chamomile tea 1-2 Peppermint tea Ginger, raw or pwdr. Caraway (optional) Cinnamon (optional)

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