Did You Know That Pizza is a Vegetable?

Guest Post Courtesy of the Xtend-Life Blog

It’s True! Just Ask the US Government… I’ve seen some pretty incredible headlines in my time and this one is no different. It seems that the US House of Representatives recently passed a bill that abandons proposals to strip the ridiculous vegetable status given to pizza and limit the frequency of French fries served as school lunch to almost 32 million US school children. It seems that Big Pharma aren’t the only big sharks in the corporate feeding frenzy that is America’s upper finance echelon… the food manufacturers are just as ruthless. These guys shouldn’t really be called food manufacturers because some of the stuff they produce isn’t ‘food’ in my opinion. Frozen French fries, ready-made pizza and other ‘edible’ substances that no doubt are filled with preservatives, trans fats and who knows what else, are the flagship products of these large corporates. There’s nothing wrong with successful companies making profit, it’s actually encouraging to see some form of economic growth.

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Did You Know That Pizza is a Vegetable?

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