Depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts

There are many myths and facts about depression and the medications that treat it. Often people dont take the time to check out the difference between a myth and a fact but accept what they are told. This acceptance of myth significantly affects the way that depression and other mental health disorders are viewed by the public.

Learning the facts about depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts will help to change the way that you view this very real mental health issue.

One myth about depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts is that depression only happens when something bad happens in your life such as a divorce, death or loss of a job. The facts are that depression can happen even when everything is going well. Depression can be set off by stress or life events but it can also be biochemical in nature. In other words depression can be associated with a change in the chemical balance of your body, which affects your brain chemistry inducing depression.

Another myth about depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts is that depression means you are weak. Many people were brought up to believe that depression happened to the weak minded and that you should be able to snap out of it. But depression doesnt mean you have something wrong with your character. Depression is a real mental health condition like arthritis or strokes are real physical conditions.

Some people used to think that if you wait out your depression (prozac and Zoloft myths and facts) that it will go away. In some rare cases this is actually true but in others depression doesnt usually just go away. If its left untreated it can last for months or even years.

One the most dangerous myths about depression (prozac and Zoloft myths and facts) is that only people who are thinking about suicide need antidepressants. The fact is that antidepressants are not just for this particular group of people. The medication can help people to feel better while they are working through the emotional pain and trauma that caused the depressive episode in the first place.
Or the medication will change their brain chemistry so that the biochemical imbalance that continues the depression will be altered.

Interestingly, with the phobias that people have about becoming addicted to medications or drugs some feel that antidepressants will change your personality or may be habit forming. This myth about depression (prozac and Zoloft myths and facts) is recurrent throughout society. In fact it is a myth that most non-medical people hold about several different types of medications and treatments which decreases the likelihood that they will get help for their problems. Antidepressants are not habit forming. They do not have the biopharmaceutical components necessary to become habit forming. And they dont change your personality. They will actually make you feel more like yourself again.

Depression prozac and Zoloft myths and facts are important to understand so you dont make decisions based on poor information. There is help for people who need it and ignoring the problem will not help it to go away.

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