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Dealing With the Pain of Osteoarthritis

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One of the types of arthritis that we see most often is osteoarthritis. It occurs when the cartilage in the joints begins to break down. It does not occur suddenly but is a progressive and degenerative type of disease.

You may have heard it called the ‘wear & tear’ of osteoarthritis. There are no joints in the body that are safe from this disease but it usually shows up in the areas of the body which bear weight such as the knees, hips and spine. Less commonly, it appears on the hands or feet.

Our cartilage is important because it acts as a cushion for the bones in our joints. They also act like the shocks in a car to protect us from damage and make it easier to move around.

When the cartilage starts to deteriorate the bones end up rubbing against each other. When this occurs, the sufferer will experience pain, loss of movement and will feel stiff.

Osteoarthritis comes in 2 types – primary and secondary. The former describes a type that wears and tears on your joints over time and is commonly associated with the elderly. Most people will suffer with primary arthritis at some time during their life. It is often not noticed until it is too late to do anything about it. The secondary type is caused by another factor in a persons life such as obesity, injury, disease, hormonal imbalances or trauma.

More than twenty million people in the United States suffer with this condition. Men usually start seeing it around the age of forty five and women a bit later at fifty five. As it progresses it causes more damage over time. Some people only experience minor symptoms while others deal with severe pain that makes life tough day in and day out.

Doctors have not yet discovered exactly what causes it but there are many things that are believed to lead to it including other diseases, aging, muscle weakness, obesity, injury or over-extension of a joint and genetics.

There are many ways to go about treating osteoarthritis. The type of treatment you undertake will depend on how severe your symptoms are and what led to it’s development, in the first place.

Over the counter pain relievers, such as Advil, can be really beneficial to knock the edge off of the pain. Make sure that you choose one that also helps with the swelling. If you are dealing with severe symptoms you might need steroidal injections or opioid analgesics in order to effectively deal with the pain and swelling.

Natural remedies can also give great benefit in helping to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. Menthol and camphor rubs, a mustard plaster and herbs such as white willow bark, devil’s claw and Indian Frankincense can all help alleviate the aches and pains. Natural nti-inflammatories such as homeopathic Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Arnica can also offer relief.

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