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Dealing With Migraines During PMS


Dealing With Migraines During PMSWomen already have to deal with the discomfort of vaginal bleeding monthly for a period of about a week, but they also have to deal with some physical, emotional and psychological changes that cause uneasiness.

Some symptoms are even so severe that women who experience them cannot function well and are unable to perform activities of daily living.

One of the most common physical discomforts women feel during their menstruation is migraines. Some already have a history of migraines and it is triggered further during their menstruation, while other women only experience it during their period.

Having migraines is a difficult condition that is comprised of multiple symptoms with severe headache as the highlight. Other symptoms include visual disturbances, light, sound and smell sensitivity, nausea and vomiting. It can be a debilitating condition that may cause the patient to lie still for hours without any form of stimulation.

What Is The Difference Between Migraines and Common Headaches?

The common headache is a single symptom and is easily manageable and treatable. On the other hand, migraines can cause one to be unable to perform activities she has to perform.

Prescribed medications are used to treat migraines, while simple headaches can be treated with over the counter pain killers. Headaches are a common discomfort felt during PMS and the menstrual period. However, there is a growing number of women experiencing migraines while they are in this stage.

How Can PMS Cause Migraines?

70% to 90% of the population of women in their reproductive years are suffering from migraines. This usually starts during their teenage years and is pre-dominant or triggered during the pre-menstruation syndrome stage (PMS).

The main cause of this condition has not yet been established but the whole menstrual cycle has been discovered to be a contributing factor, and plays a big role. The biological changes inside a woman’s body during the cycle affects a lot of body functions, and headaches are not an exception.

To be able to determine if your migraine is a part of your PMS, you need to keep a migraine diary. In this diary, you have to take note of the times when you experience migraines. If you notice it for three consecutive cycles, you will already have an idea on when and how it starts and can better prevent it from happening.

How Can It Be Managed?

There are some known clinical treatments and strong evidence for migraines associated with PMS. If one is experiencing PMS-associated migraine, then the management and treatment should start with diet and lifestyle modification.

Eating small carbohydrate filled meals frequently can be helpful because it sustains the level of sugar in your body. Medication therapy is still the preferred and recommended treatment for migraines. Talk to your doctor about pain killers that can help with your migraines but won’t be harmful to your overall health.

All those discomforts felt by women during their menstruation period can be managed both by medical and natural methods. The right information and proper knowledge regarding these things can help a woman a lot in managing the situation.

Some Recipes to Try

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Helping the Symptoms of PMS

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