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Dealing With Eye Inflammation


Dealing With Eye InflammationWhen the eye becomes inflamed it is usually a response to trauma, an infection (bacterial or viral), surgery, allergic reaction or irritants found in our environment.

Most of the time, eye inflammation is no cause for concern but it is still important to make sure that you keep the duration and severity of the inflammation to a minimum.

If these things are left to drag out they can end up causing scarring in the eye. Even a tiny amount of scar tissue in the eye can cause permanent problems with your sight.

You should be very careful to avoid using prescription or OTC (Over The Counter) eye drops too much. Using them for too long can result in a rebound effect where you eyes actually become dependent on the eye drops.

If you wear contact lens then you should also be wary. Make sure that you practice good hygiene with your contacts by washing your hands before getting them near your eyes. Try to take your contacts out when you can, and do not sleep with them in.

Certain diseases can also be to blame for causing eye infections. Measles, diabetes and herpes have all been found to affect the eyes. Sexually transmitted diseases have been found in the eyes, as well. Foreign matter can also become trapped behind the eyelid and cause your eye to become inflamed.

Make sure you are extra careful when cleaning or around plants. Plant sap, dust and other particles are examples of foreign matter that can make their way into your eye.

It is usually easy to spot eye inflammation. You will notice swelling, pain, the sensation of heat and redness, all of these are caused by an abnormally high amount of blood flowing to the area.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to a treatment plan for eye inflammation. It really depends on where the eye is inflamed, it’s severity and the cause. Sometimes there is no need for medical treatment, at all. Other times you need to get to the doctor immediately, such is the case with Scleritis and Uvelitis.

If you are looking for some temporary comfort, while at home, you can make a compress out of a cotton swab or clean cloth. Soak this with purified or boiled water.

If you are looking to lessen the pain then try a warm swab and if you are looking to reduce the inflammation and itchiness try a cold one. This is something that is only temporary.

If the swelling and pain persist then you really should seek medical attention.

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  1. Kelly Martin October 13, 2015 at 10:18 pm #

    Thanks for this article Dee. As a naturopath and dry eye sufferer I’ve tried everything to try to reduce the redness and dryness in my eyes. I’m keen to give Red Eye Reducer a try to see if it can help. Thanks again.

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