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Dealing With Bee Stings In Cats And Dogs

[5 Aug 2010 | No Comments | | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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Dealing With Bee Stings In Cats And DogsPets love playing outside during the summer and rolling around in the grass but this can be dangerous because they are exposed to all types of biting insects, including bees.

Most of the time a bee sting produces a mild reaction in dogs and cats much like it does in humans, who are not allergic to them.

If your pet is stung near the throat or mouth there is a chance their airways will become restricted. In this case, you need to take them to the vet right away.

When the sting occurs your pet will probably yelp when the barbed stinger enters their flesh. Then they might start rubbing the stung area on the ground or pawing at it in order to try and stop the pain. If their muzzle is swelled up then that is an obvious sign that they have been stung.

Be on the lookout for severe reactions in your pet. If the area becomes extremely inflammed, especially if it is near the mouth or throat, you should go to the vet straight away. Lethargy, disorientation, breathing problems, hyperactivity, anxiousness, weakness, trouble swallowing and fainting are all things that should be watched for after a bee sting. If you notice your pet suffering from any of these go to the vet and see what they have to say.

You should watch your pet closely for 24 hours after a bee sting to make sure that they are okay. The symptoms can often occur hours after the sting and symptoms will not always be apparent.

If you end up taking your pet to the vet they will probably receive an antihistamine, adrenaline or steroid injection. If your pet has been stung by more than one bee then they might need to be hooked up to an IV and be put into intensive care for a period of time. The vet might prescribe medication for your pet to take after he/she leaves the office.

If you can see the stinger in the skin make sure that you do not try and pull it out. Doing so might result in more venom being pushed into the skin when the stinger breaks. The best way to remove a stinger is to scrape it away with a fingernail or card.

You can ease the pain your pet is having by using Hamamelis virginianum which has been used for hundreds of years as a soothing skin remedy. Calendula officinalis is good for helping to stop the burning sensation of the sting. Melissa officinalis is great for soothing the skin where the sting happened. Apply any of these topically to help your pet feel better in short order.

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Clenzor is formulated to effectively cleanse and disinfect your pet’s wounds, skin conditions and small injuries before you begin further natural treatment for the particular condition. Used together with our other topical creams and tinctures, Clenzor effectively cleanses, disinfects AND begins the healing process, while also providing soothing and analgesic relief for pets with a range of skin conditions like wounds, bites, abrasions, ringworm, fleabite dermatitis, poison ivy rash, bee stings, paw injuries, etc.

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