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Dealing With Genital Warts


Condylomata acuminata, more commonly known as genital warts, are regarded as a sexually transmitted disease.  They appear in the genital area in the moist tissue region.  Their appearance is cauliflower-like or show up as tiny bumps that are flesh colored.  They may also grow together to form a group.

These growths can appear anywhere in the genital area to include the vagina, the vulva, the cervix, and/or the area that lies between the anus and the vagina.  Genital warts in a man are on the shaft of the penis, the tip of the penis, the anal area, and/or the scrotum.  A person can also have genital warts in the mouth or throat if he or she has had oral sex with another person that has genital warts.

Genital warts are of very great concern.  The virus that genital warts stem from is the HPV or human papillomavirus.  This virus has been found to be associated with various types of cancer in the genital area affecting both men and women.  Treatment for genital warts is done by the use of medications and/or surgical procedures.

In addition to their above noted appearance, genital warts can cause a great deal of discomfort including itching and bleeding during sexual intercourse.  The usual case of genital warts, however, gives no warning at all and can be almost invisible.

If sexually promiscuous and not using protection your chances of contracting genital warts rises significantly.  Other risk factors include sexual activity at an early age, incidences of a previous sexually transmitted disease, and/or becoming sexually active with a person with an unknown prior sexual past.

Oftentimes a doctor will have difficulty visualizing genital warts and must apply a solution to them to make them more distinguishable.  They are then viewed through a colposcope, which is a type of microscope.

If you do suspect genital warts or have been with someone who either has or appears to have them it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.  A doctor will treat your condition with either the use of medications or surgery.  It is important to note that the use of condoms will greatly decrease your chances of getting this sexually transmitted disease.

If you do have genital warts it is your responsibility to avoid sexual contact and inform anyone that you have been with sexually of this condition.

In addition, it is in your best health interest to have a physical examination by your physician including the genital area for men and a yearly pap smear for women to maintain good health.

See your physician regularly and always practice safe sex through the use of condoms and knowledge to avoid any risk of obtaining any sexually transmitted diseases.

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2 Responses to Dealing With Genital Warts

  1. marilee mason October 27, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    I am dealing with alot of these issues myself. I am a student at the university of georgia. who do i speak to at health services about taking care of this

    • Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT October 27, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

      Hi Marilee, I’d look up what agency provides public health services in your area and see if you can get some help/guidance from there if you cannot go to your regular doctor or afford a doctor’s visit right now.

      Many blessings,

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