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Dealing With A Fractured Bone

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A fracture is the medical term used to describe a bone that is broken or has a crack in it. Most of the time a fracture occurs when there is some sort of physical trauma to the body. A car accident or bicycle wreck are examples of things that might lead to a bone fracture. Unfortunately, there are a handful of medical conditions that cause the bones to weaken and become less resilient to a fracture. Osteoporosis and bone cancer are two of the most common medical conditions that affect the bones.

If you think that you may have fractured a bone then you should head to the doctor or emergency room. They will give you an X-ray and if the bone turns out to be fractured you will receive a splint, sling or crutches to help protect the fracture from becoming worse. If the fracture is serious you might have to go into surgery to realign and join the bones together. Your body will do most of the work because broken bones heal themselves over time. Sometimes they take months to heal all the way but you will just have to be patient, if this is the case.

There is no single bone in our bodies that is immune to being fractured. Most of the time fractures occur in the legs, hips, arms, wrists or ankles. If you have fractured a bone then you will probably know it. Fractures are incredibly painful and the area that is afflicted will bruise and swell up. If the fracture is serious you might notice that the area actually looks deformed.

If you are looking to go a step further and promote faster healing then there are some herbs that nature offers to help you on your way. Magnesium phosphoricum and Matricaria recutita will help to soothe your fracture and control the inflammation. Arnica can be used to help speed up the healing of your broken bone. It is also helpful in healing cartilage and the connective tissues between your bones. Comfrey (traditional healers use the term ‘knitbone’) has a chemical in it, called elation, that supports all your bones and joints while they are trying to heal themselves.

If you come across someone that has fallen then make sure that you do not try and move them unless you have the proper training or they are in danger. You might make the problem even worse. If they are bleeding then use a dry towel and apply pressure to it. In cases where the bone is coming through the skin you can apply pressure to the skin around where the bone is coming out. To deal with the swelling and pain use an ice pack.

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