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D for Depression!

[2 Dec 2010 | 3 Comments | 9 views | Author: Xtend Life]
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Guest Post Courtesy of the Xtend-Life Blog

I am sure that most readers are very much aware of the increasing levels of depression being experienced by many people in the western world.   There is a growing amount of research that suggests a deficiency of Vitamin D is a factor in this problem. That is not surprising. There are very few people who have not experienced the ‘feel good’ factor after a day of sunshine exposure at the beach or some other outing. This is primarily due to the boost of Vitamin D production triggered off by the sun exposure. You can’t get that ‘kick’ from a bottle of high dose Vitamin D.  It needs to come from the sun. I personally believe that the ‘authorities’ who have helped instil a general paranoia in the populace about exposure to sunshine have a lot to answer for in contributing not only to depression but a general decline in health levels across all sectors. If you have been following my articles and newsletters for the last nine years you will know that this is a pet subject of mine.  Exposure to natural sunshine is crucial.  It will not age you if done sensibly…in fact, it will help slow down the aging process.   Don’t be ‘conned’ by the adverts for sunscreens etc blaming skin aging primarily on sun exposure.  And ladies…don’t use make up or skin care products with and SPF factor built in.  It is not needed for normal day to day use.  Only use sunscreen when you have serious prolonged exposure to the sun and then use a sunscreen which uses a blocker such as zinc or titanium. Below we have pasted an article from Stephen Daniels re the studies that I mentioned earlier. � Low vitamin D levels linked to increased depression risk. By Stephen Daniells, 26-Nov-2010 The likelihood of having depression is significantly increased in people with deficient level of vitamin D, compared with people with adequate levels of the sunshine vitamin, says a new study.

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D for Depression!

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D for Depression!
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  • Engress said:

    I think a big part of the reason people in the West suffer from depression so much is that it is so frustrating trying to keep up with the fast pace and stress that our society pumps out. Everyone is just trying to keep up and often falling on their arse because of the unnecessary pressure that is put on them. Humans were not built to deal with this and until we evolve more it will remain a tough world for many of us. Or maybe we could take a step backward and leave some of the pressure behind. This is an unlikely scenario though. ~Engress

    • Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT
      Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT said:

      Oh, I so agree! Sometimes I wish I was born in the ‘Little House on the Prairie Days’ – it seems so idyllic. But, in reality, there was every bit as much stress – just of a whole different type!

      • Engress said:

        Yes, I have escaped a lot of my stress but found that I only found new things to stress about. It is unfortunate that life has to be this way. I realize a little bit, and certain kinds, of stress is healthy but it just seems like too much of our lives are taken up by it. I wonder if there are any civilizations out there, among the stars, that found a way to live stress free lives! Would be neat to know. ~Engress

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