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Cyrstal Profile: Aquamarine


Chakra: throat (5th)

Number: 1


Aquamarine has a strong connection with water and air. The card shows the majestic beauty of winged griffins guarding the inner sanctum of aquamarine. The Griffins show the strength, power, and sense of freedom that wearing this gemstone inspires. The watery pool from which the soft blue-green crystal rises, denotes the soothing aspects of this gem. The name Aquamarine means seawater. To many, the ideal color for Aquamarine is a soft ocean blue-green. Hence, there is a sense of fluidity and movement in the energies of aquamarine.

It is a gentle and peaceful gemstone. It is one of the stronger crystalline forces for assisting us with the weight of earthly life. It fortifies one’s sense of self-esteem, especially in times of duress when confronted with situations dealing with power plays. Aquamarine is closely aligned with the angelic realms.

It can support us in our communications with the guardian angels around us, as well as our spiritual guides, attracting the energy of these beings to us. It is a protective and nurturing crystal, especially in times of great urgency and need. Aquamarine can temporarily generate a protective force field, to deflect harmful energies (such as EMF’s) environmental toxins, psychic distresses and unwanted thought forms coming into our space.

It is a gemstone that promotes clarity of life purpose. Aquamarine is a reminder of the subtle, soft and serene beauty that awaits us, when we step through the inner gateways. This is particularly good for newborns and small children, to help them adjust to their current incarnation. This can be an excellent first gemstone to give to a baby to make it feel more at home on Earth.

Best With:

Rose Quartz, Sugilite, Moonstone, Yellow Topaz, Herkimer, Diamond and Rhodochrosite


Have clarity of purpose, and the gates of the inner worlds will open before you.

Use Aquamarine today to feel your own power and feel a sense of freedom, let it sooth you during a rough day by utilizing its fluid movement and energies. Let it’s peace give you a sense of well-being and serene peace. If you are dealing with power situations in the work force today let aquamarine assist you in handling those situations with peace and self-esteem.

One of the most exciting aspects of this stone is its connection with the angelic and spirit guide worlds, knowing this use this stone today to connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. If you have an urgent need to feel protected and nurtured especially during these horrid news reports then by all means pick up your aquamarine and meditate with it until you feel this aspect of the stone reaching your inner self. Let it deflect all the negatives in your world today as it puts up its own protective shield around you.

If you are struggling with what your life’s purpose is on this earth then meditate with this stone to help get the answers to those questions of “why” and “what am I doing here”. If someone is having a baby shower, or has just had a baby and you wish to find just the right gift then use aquamarine as the gift to the child to bring a sense of belonging, peace, tranquility, and sense of purpose to the child’s life.

So let’s go forth today with a renewed sense of purpose, in touch with our spirit guides, angels, and the knowledge that there is serene beauty awaiting us when we step through the inner gateways, so step thru to your inner self and see the beauty within and share that with the world today

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