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Curative Colors – Therapy How-To

[18 Jun 2011 | No Comments | | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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Color has a powerful influence on our body chemistry and emotions. The strongest effect is through the eyes. Colored light therapy can be produced by using colored glass or cellophane filters placed in front of light bulbs or the sun.

Ideally, stimulating colors should be used in the morning and sedating colors in the evening. If a sequence of colored lights is used, start with stimulating colors, to proceed to blue, and finish with green.

Red (Bright Red): Warm and stimulating, this color is good for anemia, or whenever you feel pale or cold or have chilled extremities; it’s also useful for ultraviolet and X-ray burns and frostbite. Red is a liver stimulant and counterirritant (it brings internal inflammations to the surface.)

Orange: A respiratory stimulant, this is useful for weak lungs, asthma, consumption, and emphysema; it is also for overweight and underactive people with an underactive thyroid (because it energizes the thyroid and sedates the parathyroid). Orange can relieve spasm, cramps, and other abdominal issues.

Yellow: The most luminous color, it is a strong stimulant and energizer for muscles, nerves, and emotions. Use it in all cases of paralysis and muscle disorders: for nerve building; and in nervous exhaustion. Use for indigestion, constipation, diabetes, or depression, for skin cleansing, and to destroy intestinal worms.

Lemon (Yellow-Green): This color stimulates brain activity and activates the thymus.

Green: Green stimulates the pituitary gland, encourages muscle and tissue building, and breaks up hardened cell masses and clots. It is balancing, anticongestive, purifying, and a germicidal and disinfectant.

Blue: Cooling and strongly anti-inflammatory, blue is antiseptic and stops bleeding; it also reduces fever and pain. Use it to treat all conditions marked by redness, swelling, and heat, and acute phases of arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. Blue is relaxing and calming; it slows the pulse, can reduce high blood pressure, and is valuable for underweight and overactive people.

Indigo: A sedative, indigo is good for pain relieving, arresting discharges and bleeding, and as an astringent. It stimulates the parathyroid and sedates the thyroid.

Violet: The color is relaxing and soothing, stimulates the spleen, and builds white blood cells. Violet sedates heart and muscle activity, and it calms hyperactive people. It also suppresses appetite.

Magenta: This color is energizing and improves and normalizes the emotions, the aura, and the sexual glands. Magenta energizes the adrenal glands and the heart muscle, normalizes the heart and blood pressure, and improves the circulation.

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