The Hold That Cancer Has On Our Society

The Hold that Cancer Has On Our SocietyThe term cancer covers a wide range of diseases where cells begin to grow abnormally. The DNA of normal cells become damaged and they begin to divide into new cancerous cells.

As these cells grow and divide the normal and healthy tissue is replaced and the risk of it spreading to other parts of the body increases.

When cancer spreads to other parts of the body the doctors call this metastasis. Many times, a tumor or cancer riddled tissue develops. Leukemia is an example of a disease where there is no development of abnormal tissues or tumors.

When one goes to the doctor and hears the word cancer then there is no doubt that this is devastating news to both the individual and the family.

The good news is that today many people beat cancer even to the point that it can be 100% cured. Nevertheless, cancer is a growing concern in our society and should be prevented with all measures.

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natural help for psoriasisPsoriasis is one of the most chronic skin diseases and can be defined as an inflammatory condition that affects both sexes and usually appears after the age of 15 and before the age of 30.  It is rarely found in the elderly or infants and is not contagious.

Although there is no specific cause identified for this disease researchers are confident that there is a genetic link which affects the immune system and changes the natural cell growth of the skin.  This results in the red itchy plaques we know as Psoriasis.

Although there continues to be a large body of research looking into new treatment protocols for those who suffer from this disease most of this research involves the use of medications.  For those of us who enjoy trying less invasive masses or methods which do not have a long list of side effects there are some natural remedies which can be tried to help curtail the disease.

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traumatic brain injuryA traumatic brain injury, also known as a TBI, is an injury to the brain from a force, mechanical in nature. This brain injury generally leads to an impairment of some sort that causes the person a physical, cognitive or psychosocial disability.

Along with this impairment the person will generally suffer from a diminished state of consciousness.

Also known as a brain injury this type of injury is measured within 48 hours of occurrence on a scale that is known as the GCS or Glasgow Coma Scale. This scale will enable the medical profession to determine the severity of the traumatic brain injury.

The scale determines the level of severity based on the opening of the eyes to different types of stimulation, the motor responses, and verbal responses based on various criteria. These responses will determine a severe, moderate, or mild traumatic brain injury.

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flu symptomsMany people get the flu and a common cold mixed up, but in actual fact they are both different ailments. They are both respiratory ailments, but they are caused by different types of viruses.

If you have a common cold, then even though you may feel quite ill, your symptoms (unless they increase into something worse) are usually relatively minor. However flu symptoms can make you feel really ill, especially if you go on to develop complications.

Cold symptoms will produce a runny nose, cough, sore throat, sneezing and quite often a cough. The symptoms also tend to come on over a couple of days.

The flu however will affect the whole body and will strike quickly. You’ll have a fever (raised temperature), body aches and pains, a very dry cough and feelings of extreme tiredness.

The effects of the flu can be very debilitating. Most people recover from a cold within 3-4 days, however the effects of the flu can last much longer (often up to several weeks before the sufferer returns to feeling normal)

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history of diabetesThe American Diabetes Association reports that the number of people who suffer from diabetes continues to grow each year.  Today, 5% of the world’s population has diabetes, a metabolic disorder that affects the control of blood glucose.

Are there really more people developing the disorder or more people diagnosed?  The question is difficult to answer.

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle illness that is often brought on by environmental factors that trigger genetic predispositions.

Nutrition, environment and genetics all play a role in the development and treatment of the disease.  But diabetes isn’t a disease of just the 20th century.  In fact, written history exists as far back as 1552 B.C. when physician Hesy-ra, an Egyptian, first wrote about polyuria as a symptom.

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back pain causesBack pain is a common problem affecting literally millions of people. It can range from minor, temporary pain, to sustained pain in different parts of the back, neck or shoulders or involve the pinching of nerves, affecting the legs or arms.

The causes of back pain vary and can often be a combination of factors. Some of the factors identified by practitioners are set out below.

Sprains and strains An out-of-condition back or one with pre-existing problems is more vulnerable to soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains. A sprain isa joint injury that involves stretching or tearing of the ligaments.

A strainisan injury to muscle or tendons. Stretching a ligament or muscle too quickly can result in a tear. Excessive force and certain repetitive use may also damage muscles.

Disc problems The intervertebral discs are the cushions between our vertebrae. These discs dry out and harden with age, making them susceptible to injury. Common disc complaints involve the disc bulging (prolapse), herniating or even rupturing.

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It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing. ~Duke Ellington

sound therapy resonanceResonance comes from the Latin verb resonare, meaning to “return to sound”. It means to sound and resound, as in an echo. Usually we think of resonance in terms of objects such as bells which when struck continue to ring or resonate the original sound.

Another type of resonance is called sympathetic resonance. When we strike a tuning fork another tuning fork of the same pitch will begin to vibrate with the first fork. Resonance can be understood as a merging created when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies.

The opposite of resonance is dissonance. Dissonance happens when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies without merging into unified pulsation. The pulses beat against on another. Resolution happens when dissonance becomes resonance. Our personal sensations of dissonance, resolution, and resonance in our daily life serve as sonic guides. Learning to listen to, differentiate, and appreciate these sensations in daily life is fundamental to BioSonic RepatterningTM.

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bone building exercisesAs we age, we lose bone density. It mostly occurs in women (osteoporosis) but men are affected as well. To preserve your bone and overall general health, here are some ideas for exercise activities that build bone.

It bears being said that besides exercise, nutrition is also important. Getting the proper daily intake of calcium for your age group will help maintain your bone health.

When there is not enough calcium coming into the body, the cells will rob it from the bones to perform their daily maintenance. Combining both is probably the best way to combat bone loss.

Cardiovascular Exercise

To gain more bone, you have to use them. Weight-bearing exercises that have a high impact are actually good for building bone. As with any exercise, start slow and build up to a manageable level. Here are some suggestions:

* Walking – This is a good overall exercise that can be done at any age. You can start right now. Walking on a treadmill either flat or uphill programs build up the muscles of the legs as well as the bones.

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hypertension in menA few years ago, the American Medical Association announced that normal blood pressure should be 120/80. This was lowered from the previous systolic and diastolic pressure considered to be within normal range.

Hypertension in men is a serious and often fatal disease. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure; kidney failure; or stroke.

The combination of hypertension and being overweight increases the chances of developing one or more conditions. In fact, the older you are, the more likely you will develop hypertension unless you take steps to prevent it.

If you are overweight when you are young, you may develop hypertension at an older age. However, it has been suggested that hypertension is also inherited, which doesn’t help the situation either.

You may not even realize you have this condition, as the symptoms do not reveal themselves. However, you should assume you are a candidate for hypertension if you are over 40; if there is a history of this condition in your family; and you are overweight.

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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypertension
A revolutionary, all- natural treatment program for reversing the ’silent killer’ affecting more than 50 million Americans. Hypertension is a dangerous and deadly disease. There are no symptoms, so most sufferers have no idea anything is wrong-making more than 45 million Americans ticking time bombs. And while there are many drugs on the market that combat this condition, the costs and side effects are often prohibitive. Now, a leading expert and researcher introdu… More >>

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About

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Video about the Crystal Healing properties of Amethyst. Amethyst has long been used for healing purposes. Ancient Romans used it to prevent drunkenness, Egyptians used it to speak with the Gods.

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I hate the up and down feeling I get sometimes which I think is due to my birth control. Is there any way to help make my mood swings less intense. I hate being on edge one minute and on cloud nine the next!

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bone-protecAs many Xtend-Life customers know, we discontinued our Calcium/superphytonutrient product a few months ago because of the difficulty of obtaining some of the raw ingredients to the standards that we require.

When it became apparent that we were going to have a problem we began development on a new replacement product. As with all the products we develop our objective was to develop the most effective product possible and supply it to our customers with the best value for money possible.

The net result is Bone-Protec which contains a synergistic blend of all the active ingredients that promote good bone health. It has a pure Okinawan coral calcium, magnesium, but as importantly Boron, vitamin D3 which are the minimum co-factors needed for good bio-availability of calcium.

There are of course many inexpensive products on the market which contain just calcium, magnesium, boron and Vitamin D3…

But, we didn’t stop at this. We wanted to ensure that we had the best product in this field so went a number of steps further. We added:

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breaking bad habitsThere are hundreds of bad habits and hundreds of ways to break them. if you need help, there are books, support groups, and counselors to help you. Mostly you can take a common sense approach and get the job done.

If bragging is one of your bad habits, you could either be insecure or overly proud. It usually makes the other person feel bad, or they resent you. You can get a handle on this bad habit if you stop for a few seconds before you talk. Give yourself time to think about others and how this will sound to them. Think about whether you are telling it to them, or to yourself.

Another one of these bad habits is name dropping. Again, you may be insecure. Most people will not take it in a friendly way. Try to tell your same stories but without the names to stop yourself from doing this. You might say, “My friend Brad” instead of “my friend Brad Pitt,” or something like that.

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Acid RefluxIt is surprising how often individuals believe falsehoods when it comes to preventing and controlling acid reflux. There are a lot of people who think that if they drink a glass of milk at bedtime they will not experience acid reflux before falling asleep.

This is because milk causes a “rebound action that can produce more stomach acid which then leads to more acid reflux. The truth is that if you drink milk before going to bed, you may end up having acid reflux while trying to get to sleep. Another thing that causes acid reflux is eating a big meal just before going to bed.

There are two simple things you can do to avoid acid reflux – eat less and make sure that you elevate your head while sleeping.

Other things that you can do that will ease your symptoms of acid reflux are to eat smaller, more frequent meals instead of bigger meals further apart from each other. When you eat less food, your stomach has to work less and this requires less acid. Less acid production means less acid reflux. Do you know what causes acid reflux big time? High fat foods and beverages made from alcohol so do your best to avoid these items.

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