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Latest Articles on NHH

natural health articles

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Heart, Blood, Circulatory »

[27 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Congestive heart failure, otherwise known as CHF, is a condition in which the heart function is inadequate. The function of the heart is to pump and deliver oxygen contained in the blood to the remainder of the body. When individuals suffer from congestive heart failure the strength of the heart muscle has been compromised and they are no longer able to pump blood effectively and efficiently around the body.

In order to have a good understanding of congestive heart failure it helps to know how the heart works. The heart is broken up into four separate chambers, each of which has its own objective and function. When the heart beats the two lower chambers contract first in the two upper chambers contract second. The chambers on the top are called atriums in the heart have a left atrium and a right atrium. The ventricles, both left and right, make up the lower chambers of the heart.

Aromatherapy, Health and Vitality, Learning, Concentration »

[27 Mar 2010 | 2 Comments ]

If you need feel like you are drooping and need to perk up your brain, then forget the coffee and soda, try a little aromatherapy. Aromatherapy works great for boosting the brain the natural way. You don’t have to rely on sugar, caffeine or other alternatives. You can go the natural way with some great essential oils.

What are essential oils? If you have never dabbled in aromatherapy and do not know a lot about essential oils, then it is time you learn. Essential oils are derived from natural plants. The bark, leaves and petals are pressed, or steamed to get the oils. You then purchase the essential oils in very small bottles and use them for aromatherapy, first aid or even in and around your home. Essential oils are quite useful and they have a wide range of purpose—one being to help stimulate your mind the natural way!

Home and Family »

[27 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Family Volunteering Vacation An ExplanationFamily vacations are normally about having fun. This year, rather than focusing mainly on enjoying yourself, why not take a family volunteering vacation? Rather than spending your time lounging on the beach or standing in line at a high-priced amusement park, you can travel to a different area of the country or the world and help those less fortunate.

You’d be amazed at the number of organizations around the country and the world needing volunteers. While volunteering you may be able to help build an orphanage, help at centers for the disabled, or help build a home. With the number of natural disasters happening around the world and the large group of people who have been adversely affected by them, there is no shortage of things a family could do to help.

If you are interested in finding an opportunity for your family to volunteer during your next vacation, you can try to find something on your own. However, for the best volunteer opportunity abroad, you may want to contact an organization which specializes in setting up this type of vacation.

Sexual Health »

[26 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Coping with Erectile DysfunctionImpotence, or erectile dysfunction, is defined as the loss of a mans ability to have and maintain an erection. This can either be due to physical or psychological factors, or a combination of both. Although these psychological factors may be difficult for the man to admit, men who cannot have an erection may still have a strong sexual drive and can feel quite vulnerable about the impotence.

More common in older men, situations such as marital problems; stress; anxiety; certain types of medication; alcohol; smoking; diabetes; high blood pressure; money issues; are among the most notable factors. Severe depression may also play a part in this condition as well. It should be noted, however, that even though a man cannot maintain an erection for psychological reasons, he may continue to have erections during the night. While he may have a problem with one partner, he may not have the same problem with another. Therefore, the cause can be with either him or his partner.

Heart, Blood, Circulatory »

[26 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Symptoms of Congestive Heart FailureCongestive heart failure (CHF) is usually a chronic disease that begins insidiously when the heart muscle is damaged by disease or illness. At other times the symptoms of heart failure can begin suddenly.

There are diseases that can weaken the heart muscle, such as hypertension or high blood pressure, diseases that cause the heart muscle to stiffen or diseases that increase the demand for oxygen by the tissue that overloads the work of the heart muscle.

The heart muscle isn’t able to keep up with the work required and blood backs up before entering the heart. This causes congestion in the tissues as fluid leaks from the blood vessels and causes the tissues to swell. This can happen in the ankles, feet, lungs or other areas of the body.

This heart failure can affect many different organs of the body, all of which contribute to the signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure. One of the symptoms is shortness of breath which limits the physical abilities of the person who suffers from heart failure. Because the blood also backs up in the pulmonary vein and leaks fluid into the lungs it decreases the amount of lung tissue available to exchange oxygen.

Home and Family »

[26 Mar 2010 | No Comment ]

Advantages of Family VolunteeringListen in to the conversations you hear at the grocery store. You may hear one mother complain that her children often say “I want this” or “I want that.” Another parent may mention that they’re tired of how many different directions their family runs on a daily basis. Whether your family has the “I wants” or is rarely together, you may want to consider the advantages of family volunteering.

One of the many advantages of family volunteering is having your family work on a project together. Not only can you spend time with one another, but you help someone who is less fortunate than yourselves. If you look at it like that, it’s a win-win situation.

Perhaps your family is concerned about the environment. You can probably find environmental projects you can do in your own area. Call the local city park to see if they need help. They may ask you to help pick up litter, plant trees or flowers in flower beds, or place markers to identify the trees along a walking trail.

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