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CoQ10, Statins and a Warning – Part 1

[22 Aug 2012 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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We are often asked at Xtend-Life the question, “why we don’t include CoQ10 in any of our products?”. The answer is quite complex, but to give you the simple version I can say that we don’t have to because our foundation product Total Balance helps the body produce its own CoQ10.

I accept that the statement, “we don’t have to, because our foundation product Total Balance helps the body produce its own CoQ10!” is on its own not enough to satisfy many of our customers and potential customers. So, I am going attempt to explain in simple terms how it is possible for most people to get sufficient CoQ10 through just a daily intake of Total Balance and a reasonable diet.

However… even though I will make it as simple as possible, it is necessary, in order to adequately explain the mechanism of action, to devote 2 articles to this subject. The first part today is aimed at giving you a better understanding of what CoQ10 is and also why it has become so incredibly popular, and if indeed the popularity of this substance is warranted?

OK… so why has CoQ10 become so popular?

In fact, it has become so popular that there is currently a world shortage. This is leading on to inflated prices and creating a problem with fraudulent CoQ10 products being produced and sold throughout the world.

CoQ10 is synthesized using a very complex manufacturing process. The majority of the CoQ10 is manufactured in Japan by a single large manufacturer and four smaller ones. Other manufacturers are now producing CoQ10 and although some are very good, some are producing very questionable material. A manufacturer of supplements has to really to their due diligence when selecting a supplier for CoQ10.

Recently in Japan when CoQ10 was reclassified as a dietary supplement instead of a prescription drug, sales soared five fold in one year, making the world shortage even more acute.

So, what’s causing this incredible demand?

Although there is no hard evidence to support what I am about to say concerning the popularity of CoQ10, I suspect that the opinion that I am about to offer will be pretty close… I think that the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the incredible growth in the popularity of CoQ10.

Oh… don’t get me wrong… they are not out there promoting the virtues of CoQ10 but they have inadvertently created a significant demand due to their development of cholesterol lowering drugs known of statins. These statin drugs have become the biggest money spinner in history for the pharmaceutical industry.

Risks of cardiac arrest…

So, why have they inadvertently created a demand for CoQ10? Simple… the statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10 and without it the risks of a ‘heart event’ skyrockets. The use of these drugs is becoming so widespread that even the general populace is now being encouraged to take them even if their cholesterol is at a level which used to be considered normal.

This is because that under the new guidelines set by the ‘cholesterol council’ the levels are artificially low. The levels that used to be considered ‘normal’ (and quite rightly so) are now considered high and as such the person should ‘take a statin’.

Why are the levels so low? Hmmm… maybe it has something to do with the fact that seven of the nine members of the cholesterol ‘council’ have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry? Oh… but surely not? Am I being cynical? :)

Anyway, although many people taking statins know they deplete their CoQ10 what they don’t know is that quite apart from the known side effects of the statins that their risk for a heart event increases significantly… if they don’t supplement with CoQ10. More evidence on that later.

As usual, when a supplement becomes known as giving beneficial results many people (and companies) jump on the bandwagon and promote it to people who don’t really need it! I should clarify that statement further. Your body really does need CoQ10 and if you are on a statin drug you are putting your health at risk if you don’t supplement with it.

Not the best use of your monthly budget…

But… to take CoQ10 as a stand alone supplement if you are NOT on a statin drug is not the best use of your monthly supplement budget, simply because you are not likely to be seriously deficient in this nutrient unless your body is diseased or you have an extremely poor diet.

CoQ10 is present in a number of foods, although it is virtually impossible to get all your CoQ10 needs from your diet as about 50% of your daily needs has to be manufactured by your body (more on this in the next issue)… or come from supplementation.

Based on statistics we know that a lot of our readers will either be on a statin drug or have someone close to them on a statin. Gradually more and more of our readers are coming off their statins in conjunction with their physicians and with help from our natural cholesterol lowering formula. But… for now, lets just concentrate on those people who are still on their statins and ignore the other options available.

OK… now for the warning…

It’s simple! If you are on a statin drug your chances of a ‘heart event’ increase exponentially UNLESS you supplement with a quality CoQ10 supplement.

Now for the evidence!

Statin drugs work by inhibiting the production of cholesterol by the liver. However, the pathway that is ‘blocked’ for the production of cholesterol happens to also be the same pathway that is used to produce CoQ10. So, as a result the drugs not only block the production of cholesterol but also the production of CoQ10.

There is substantial irrefutable evidence that the risk of cardiac arrest and other heart events is increased by a far greater degree due to the loss of CoQ10 than the reduction of risk due to the lowering of cholesterol. However, this evidence is not widely distributed and I doubt that many physicians are even aware of it.

As an example of this evidence I am going to refer you to just one published article which documents studies of a number of patients over a period of time who were on statin drugs and who were not only given supplemental CoQ10 but also had the supplemental CoQ10 withheld for periods as well.

What is interesting in these cases is that the results can easily be understood in that they are not just talking only about blood levels of a particular substance, but rather measuring the cardiac health and quality of life of the individuals. It’s quite fascinating reading and a MUST READ if you are taking a statin drug. It shows clearly that your quality of life will deteriorate significantly if you are on a statin drug and don’t supplement.

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

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