Cooling a Sunburn with Home Remedies

It’s summertime, time for vacations at the beach, play at the park, and fun parties by the pool. One of the most important preventions we can use is a good sunscreen. Sunscreens can wear off, wash off, or be wiped off while drying with a towel. So what happens if your sunscreen is gone and you end up with sunburn? Sunburn is just that, a burn on the skin from the sun. It is caused by overexposure to the rays of the sun. Your skin turns red, feels hot to touch, and will blister if bad enough. You may also feel light-headed, dizzy or tired. Sunburn is a life-threatening condition!

Sunburn is the leading cause of skin cancer in America. Similar rays can be found in a tanning booth. The good news is; wearing protective clothing, sunscreen, and avoiding the hottest part of the day can prevent sunburn.

What if you are too late for protection and now have sunburn to deal with on your body, or on your child or loved one? No time to run to the store and you are looking for immediate relief, do you have anything that will help?

Cooling off sunburn can be done easily by using what almost everyone has on hand. Have whole milk in your fridge? Make a cold compress of the milk and lay it on the burn and leave it for about 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure every two to three hours or when pain makes it necessary.

Potatoes are something we often have in our kitchen. Try grating a potato and spreading it over the sunburn. Or, cut a tomato or a lemon and apply it to the burned area. Have some yogurt? Smear plain yogurt over the burned area and let it stand for a few minutes. Then, rinse off with cool water.

Cool water with the juice of three squeezed lemons will help ease the pain of sunburn. If you have a bad spot, cut a tomato or lemon and apply it to the area. An avocado paste applied to the sunburn will also help ease the pain.

Taking a cool bath will help the pain. Try mixing a cup of vinegar to the cool water. You may also try a paste of baking soda on especially burned areas. Moisturize your skin, and to make it feel even better, chill the moisturizer before you use it! You should use soap sparingly because soap is a drying agent and can irritate the burn.

Drink plenty of liquids if you are sunburned. Your skin needs the hydration after being burned. Eat light, drink plenty of nonalcoholic liquids, and get plenty of rest. If your legs are burned, raising them above heart level will make them feel better.

Special care should be taken if you sunburn your face. A bad sunburn can cause long-term effects and damage. If your eyelids are burned, place a tea bag on each eyelid to reduce the swelling.

The best treatment for sunburn is to prevent it! Use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and eyewear, and avoid the middle part of the day.

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