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Common Remedies For Gingivitis


Remedies for GingivitisGingivitis is an oral health disease that can cause an array of symptoms. It is caused primarily by bacterial and plaque growth on the teeth and gums, which irritates the gum tissue.

Classic symptoms of this very common condition include inflamed and swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth and darker than normal gum color.

If it is treated during the mild phase of the condition known as gingivitis, then it can be totally reversed and you will not suffer any long-term oral health problems. However, if the condition is allowed to advance and worsen, then it can lead to some serious implications for your oral health culminating in tooth loss and invasive dental surgery.

There are a number of common remedies that are used to treat gingivitis before it becomes more serious:


When your dentist has determined that you do indeed have gingivitis, one of the most common remedies that they will suggest is called scaling. This is a remedy in which ultrasonic equipment is used to break down the plaque in your mouth that is causing the condition. This treatment generally needs to be performed a number of times before the condition is completely reversed.

Keep Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Many people do not look after their oral hygiene effectively. It is recommended that you brush at least twice a day to remove bacteria and plaque that accumulate on the teeth. Ideally, you will brush after every meal. If you have developed gingivitis, then you cannot hope to overcome the condition unless you pay close attention to your daily oral health routine. In addition to brushing, you should also be flossing at night and using a mouthwash twice a day to flush away bacteria.

In truth, a good oral health routine is one of the best ways to overcome the condition and prevent it from ever coming back.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to support good oral health. It helps to build healthy gum tissue and regenerate gums. It is also very effective at fighting off the bacterial infection that leads to gingivitis in the first place. If you are not sure that you are getting enough in your daily diet, then you might like to consider taking a vitamin C supplement.

Your dentist is able to help you to overcome the condition and restore your gum health once and for all. If you are not committed to caring for your teeth and gums, then you are likely to end up with dentures.

Natural remedy relieves symptoms of gingivitis

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