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Common Myths About Premature Ejaculation

[15 Apr 2011 | 3 Comments | 20 views | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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There are a lot of myths surrounding premature ejaculation that many people think are true even if they aren’t. It’s not surprising really, since there is a lot of misinformation out there about premature ejaculation.

Even though it’s something that happens to every man it’s not something that a lot of men like to talk about so the myths and half truths get told and retold to people. Myths can be damaging when it comes to premature ejaculations because believing myths means that people are being given incorrect information and they believe that information. Here are some common myths about premature ejaculation and the truth behind the myth.

One of the most commonly told myths about premature ejaculation is that a man can last longer if he thinks about something that is unsexy.

This is not true. While it can be the case that a man can lose his arousal by thinking about something he finds unappealing the reason for premature ejaculation is over stimulation of the reproductive system and simply thinking of something unappealing won’t lessen arousal. T

here are ways to last longer during sex using ejaculatory control methods like the stop-start method where the man slows down his sexual response by using several different techniques but just thinking about something un sexy won’t have that effect. So even though it would be nice if it were really that easy solving the premature ejaculation problem isn’t as easy as just thinking about something un sexy.

Common Myths about Premature Ejaculation

Another very common myth about premature ejaculation is that premature ejaculation is the result of not using ejaculatory control and that some men can’t use ejaculatory control in order to stop premature ejaculation. This is not true.

Any man can learn to use ejaculatory control to help stop premature ejaculation. There is not a particular set of characteristics that a man must have in order to be able to use ejaculatory control. Using ejaculatory control to stop premature ejaculation is a skill and like most skills it takes practice. But, any man who is willing to take the time and effort to learn ejaculatory control skills can easily use ejaculatory control skills to help solve the problem of premature ejaculation.

Probably the most common myth that is told about premature ejaculation is that it isn’t a common problem. It is a very common problem. Most men will experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Most men who take prescription drugs for various conditions will experience some sexual side effects including premature ejaculation as a result of taking those drugs.

There are ways to treat the problem of premature ejaculation but it’s a very common problem that affects most men at some point in their lives. If you are having trouble with premature ejaculations then you need to know that you are not alone, and you are certainly not the only man who has suffered from premature ejaculations. If you ask your brothers, fathers and friends chances are that if they are being honest with you they will say that they have also experienced premature ejaculations at some point in their lives.

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Common Myths about Premature Ejaculation