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Common Lower Back Pain Treatments


Like with a number of things, beginning with lower back pain treatment has to start somewhere. It must start with a number of basic steps.

Foremost, you have to be diagnosed of a certain condition and be sure that you have discussed with your doctor the lower back pain treatment that is appropriate with your case.

However, lower back pain may often be undiagnosable and many are caused by certain complications that are too hard to recognize even for experts on the field. For some cases on the other hand, symptoms are evident due to anatomical abnormalities and usually require immediate treatments.

For the more common lower back pain, treatment may start with the following routines:

· Rest
It is important to rest the spine when beginning the treatment yet it is equally important to note that rest must only comprise of a day or two. Other than this, resting may be more damaging than good as too much rest may lessen muscle strength. This may also lead to persistent lower back pain. After the symptoms subside, avoid too much physical exertion and activities.

Due to the nature of muscle strain, it is best to avoid irritation on the affected part especially on the spine and the muscles that surround this area.

· Anti-Inflammatory Medications or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Medications that are covered by NSAIDs are often used in treating inflammation associated with lower back pain and other pains. These medications may both be prescribed or may be bought over the counter.

· Heat Application
This procedure may help ease discomforts caused by muscle spasm that trigger lower back pain. Methods using heat may include hot water, hot bottles, hot bath and heating pads.

· Exercise
This probably is the most essential step in lower back pain treatment. This increases muscle strength and flexibility. Once muscle strength is increased, weight may be better distributed and less force will burden the spine.

· Narcotic Pain Medications
Narcotic medications may be both addictive and dangerous but they are rather effective against pain. It is important that the person using narcotic pain medications is under strict supervision.

· Muscle Relaxers
Muscle relaxing medications may be very effective in treating the symptoms of back pain through relieving muscle spasm. Among these are trade names such as Flerexil, Valium, and Soma.

· Physical Therapy
The focus of physical therapies is the exercises concerned on the back, naturally enough. Yet, if symptoms did no subside using this method, there are other forms of treatments that may be employed such as ultrasound, yoga and aquatherapy.

All these methods of treatments may be used separately or may be combined with other modalities to induce immediate body response.

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