3 Common Holiday Allergy Triggers

3 common holiday allergy triggersThe holiday season is the time to celebrate and bond with family/friends. It’s the time when you create the best of memories by carrying out fun and enjoyable activities, right from eating delicious foods to decorating the Christmas tree.

However, for some this holiday spirit can get dampened by allergies. These allergies could be triggered by different factors. Although their causes vary from person to person, and place to place, there are still 40 million Americans who have to deal with year-round allergies.

In the following article we will be discussing a few such factors so that you can be aware of them…

Trigger #1: Christmas Tree & Other Evergreens

Who would have guessed that the beautiful Christmas tree that you spent time readying could be the cause of your stuffy nose and watery eyes? The biggest problem with Christmas trees is mold, which happens to be one of the most common causes of triggering allergies.

It’s hard to track mold since it floats in the air and is invisible to the naked eye. The exposure to it increases during the Holiday season since mold spores can grow in evergreens that we bring inside the home, not just your Christmas tree. This mainly happens because evergreens are cut well advance and then are kept in a humid environment, which tends to promote spore growth.

Trigger #2: Holiday Decorations

You obviously don’t use your Christmas decorations all round the year. So for almost eleven months, all of those lights, ornaments, and other decorative items are stored away in a safe place.

But unfortunately, since they’re not given any attention to for a long, they collect dust and give rise to another common factor for allergies: dust mites. These allergens can get really irritating/aggravating during the holiday season as the air is also damp. However, the good thing is, allergies triggered by dust mites can be taken care of with the use of good allergy relief products.

Trigger #3: Homemade Food

Food allergies are common, especially during the holiday time. Why? Because you have all sorts of foods around you! And it is hard to resist these dishes. Some of the most common food allergens include eggs, fish, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, milk and wheat.

Out of all these food allergens, the most commonly used ones are tree nuts and peanuts as they go into almost all of the popular holiday dishes. And if people eating don’t know about the ingredients used, it could lead to severe allergic reactions.

Regardless of what kind of holiday plans you have or who you want to get along with, you have to make sure that the enjoyments don’t get spoiled by irritating allergic reactions. Do your homework and stay safe from common triggers!

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