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Coloring Your Hair at Home


Hair color at home can be a success if you know what you are doing. It is important to choose the right hair color for your skin tone.

There are so many different shades of hair color on the market today that it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose the right shade.

If you are thinking about going blond, look at your skin tone. If you have sallow skin with yellow undertones, then deep gold shades of hair color should be avoided.

If you have pink skin, stay away from strawberry shades. It is best to play it safe and go only a few shades lighter than your normal hair color.

Women with dark hair need to be careful when choosing to do hair color at home. A woman who has pale skin should not go too dark with their hair color. If the hair color is too dark, it can make her look older and somewhat ghostly.

Hair coloring kits have come a long way in the past decade. These kits are now higher quality and easier to use. When shopping for a home hair color kit, it is best to buy a brand name that is recognizable.

Over the counter coloring kits can be purchased at department stores, pharmacies and health food stores.  The kits at the health food stores are often made of chemicals that are a bit safer for your health.  But because they don’t have certain chemicals they also aren’t permanent.

Hair coloring kits are permanent and semi-permanent.  The semi-permanent color will eventually wash out and fade – usually over six weeks if the hair is washed every other day.  If you participate in athletic activities and wash your hair more often the hair color made fade more quickly.

A great way to prevent hair color from staining the skin surrounding the hair line is to rub Vaseline around the hair line before starting to color. This will prevent any running hair color from staining the surrounding skin. When finished coloring the hair, simply rub off the Vaseline with a cream cleanser and a cotton ball.

Before you try to hair color at home, it is important that you gather some much needed supplies. You will need an old t-shirt, a towel and a washcloth that you don’t mind getting stained.  Hair clips to section off the hair and a hand mirror that you can use to see the back of your hair are other essential items when coloring your hair at home.

If you did your hair color at home and do not like it, there are products that can help to fix the problem. But fixing a bad hair color job will not be easy. Whatever you do, do not buy a box of your original shade of hair color and try to cover it, because this just will not work. If you do not like your hair color, it may be safer to go to the salon to get it fixed.

Once you have finished your hair color at home and are enjoying your new look, you need to make sure you take steps to maintain that color as long as possible. It is important that you use a color enhancing shampoo and a color enhancing conditioner at least once a week to keep your new hair color vibrant.

Some of the hair coloring kits also come with conditioner that should be used mid-way between coloring to maintain the color and shine.  Mark your calendar to be sure you use the conditioner when it’s appropriate.

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