Hematite - Crystal Profile

Colour: Silver grey, black and dark red (all metallic)

Chakra: Base (1st) & Heart (4th)


Number: 9

Cultures: Native American, South American, Germanic & England

Being one of the most versatile and compatible stones to mankind, Hematite can easily be described as a gem for all people. It has so many qualities and virtues, that it crosses numerous boundaries and categories. It is a member of the mineral world, and that has equal appeal to both men and women. Its two main functions are as Heart stones and life stones, balancing these energies. It serves to help heal these two areas simultaneously, aligning the body and heart to work in Resonance with one another. In today’s society, our Heart –centres are often cut off from the rest of our life’s activity. Hematite is a gemstone that releases that releases repressed Heart centred energy, by grounding us into this plane of reality. It initiates the dormant energies present at the base of the spine. Hematite, because of its Heart chakra affinity, draws this energy up into the HEARTSTONE, and kindles a warm and nurturing mood.

This gemstone works on many levels of reality at the same time. It helps to create a state of balance between the etheric and physical realms. Hematite helps us to face our shadow nature and illuminate it. It also activates our potential for self love, and allows us to see our true self, and value from a higher point of view.

Hematite, because of its high iron content, has an affinity with the blood. It can have a favourable and balancing effect on the circulatory system. It has a strong connection with feminine energy, and promoting a state of balance within the female system.

Because of its grounding nature, Hematite is useful in gemstone layouts, to support a general stabilization of the physical body. It is also a beneficial gemstone to carry near us, as we move about in everyday world. It carries a protective energy field, to insulate us against the harsher realities of the world.

This gemstone is strongly attuned with the mind and mental body, assisting their refinements to higher levels. This is achieved by encouraging an alignment of the physical and non-physical levels of being, through the release of old emotional and mental patterns that no longer serve us.

As a sleep or Meditation aid, Hematite is highly effective. Either through consciously accessing the stones energy, by placing it over the heart, or by placing it next to the bed before sleep. Hematite can connect us with the needed regenerative forces. The Astral level, which is the place of dreams, will be more easily accessible through contact with this gem.

Best with: Jasper, Tiger Eye, Selenite and Obsidian

The message of Hematite is: Embrace your shadow nature and illuminate it Divine Light

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