Color Helper - Blue

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Wear or invite this color into your life for greater balance and good fortune.

Blue is the color of spaciousness, like the clear skies that seem to expand forever or the seemingly endless oceans that cover so much of this planet. Blue reminds us that we are small, but that we are capable of being inspired by and connected to the larger whole.

The tranquility of Blue invites peaceful calm. Spend some time today gazing at the sky, or at photographs of sky or sea. We can wear Blue to give ourselves a little serene oasis in a busy day, to help us keep the larger picture in mind, or to announce our willingness to be inspired.

When our eyes rest on the color Blue, we can take a moment to honor the immensity and mystery of life, so much bigger than our own momentary problems and concerns. When we wear Blue with consciousness, we align with a desire to protect the quality of air and water, and we place ourselves in service to the larger picture.

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