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Colder Climate Window Tips to Keep the Heat In


You have likely heard it said that “every little bit helps,” and that’s particularly true with regard to economizing your household’s heat in the winter.

For those who live in frigid climates, it may be a challenge to keep the warmth from escaping via the windows. Here are a few pointers on how to hold the heat within your home.

-The sun shines in wintertime, as well.

Cats have this worked out – on frigid winter days, if you own a cat, chances are he or she’s lying in a sunbeam on the ground. You, too, can capitalize on the slanted winter sunshine by opening curtains and shades thus allowing the sunshine in. Observe, however, at what time the sunshine moves away from that specific window and cover it accordingly.

-Draw the curtains at nighttime.

When it is dark you should pull shades and draw the curtains. This keeps the warmth from escaping through the windows during the frigid, dark night. It likewise keeps frigid air from leaking in and getting past the windows into the room. Remember, too, that dark colors take in warmth – darker shades and draperies will retain warmth better.

-Weather stripping

A simple, effective way to maintain heat is to utilize weather stripping on the windows. This affordable tape can be bought at most hardware stores and isn’t hard to put on. Do not forget the windows in the garage door, attic, and basement.  

-Consider replacing your windows.

If you have single-pane windows, consider replacing them with double-pane, gas-filled windows. If your existing windows have aluminum frames, replacing them with vinyl panes will be even more energy efficient – aluminum conducts cold and is a poor insulator. Some windows constructed for frigid climates have low emissivity (or low-e) finishes on them which also help to decrease warmth loss by reflecting heat back into the room.

-Storm windows

If you reside in a cold climate and are unable to spring for new windows, go for storm windows. These come in exterior or interior varieties. If you plan to remove them after wintertime is concluded, go for the interior sort. These even come in plastic sheets, and cost less than exterior ones. Be sure the plastic or glass sheet is sealed off tightly with weather stripping (which comes in a removable variety).  

-Wash your windows before wintertime kicks in.

Clean windows allow in more warming light. Before the bad weather comes, wash the windows inside and out. This is also a good time to check for leaks and other issues with your windows.

All of these steps add up to help winterize your windows and conserve warmth, thus saving you cash this winter and making you comfier.

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