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cognitive therapy for adults with ocd

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OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is a psychological disorder that is characterized by recurrent or unwanted thoughts and conscious, ritualized and seemingly purposeless acts that seem to be based in an unreasonable thought, fear or worry that is managed through the activity. Some of the more well known OCD behavior is obsessive hand washing when the individual is fearful of germs or dirt on the hands.

Sometimes the behaviors start with a fear or anxiety and become a more ritualized behavior that loses the initial reasons behind the behavior. In other words you may speak with a person who ritualistically straightens pictures on the wall that may have started as an anxiety that things will fall but becomes a consistent behavior. Asked about why they straighten the picture the individual may have no idea.

These behaviors can get in the way of a persons ability to function in daily life skills. When these behaviors become overwhelming the individual may seek psychological care for their problem. This care may involve the treatment with cognitive therapy to help decrease the ritualistic behavior.

Cognitive therapy for adults with OCD is a form of psychotherapy that is based on the belief that psychological problems are a product of a faulty way of thinking about the world. It focuses on helping the individual to change unproductive thought patterns by changing inaccurate beliefs and challenging their perceived belief system.

Cognitive therapy for adults with OCD works specifically to change thoughts about the behavior and helps the individual to identify and control over the pattern of thinking behavior. In essence its a way of thinking their way out the behavior before it begins.

According to research published in Science Daily in 2006 researchers found that cognitive behavioral therapy has some significant positive results in children and adolescents. This form of treatment seemed to help relieve the overall distress and the symptoms. The evidence also indicated that therapy and medication are equally effective in treating children. And cognitive therapy combined with medication has a higher success rate.

In a recent survey of previous research published in 2007 the study found that cognitive therapy for adults with OCD suggested that psychological treatments were effective. The research suggested that further research using randomized controlled trials involving longer follow up periods with patient is needed to most accurately assess the ability of cognitive therapy for adults with OCD to most successfully treat the condition with a low amount of relapse.

There are several methods of receiving cognitive therapy on both an inpatient and outpatient basis depending upon the severity of the disease process and how it has impacted the life of the individual. Outpatient therapy is feasible when the condition doesnt cause the individual to lose their ability to perform daily life skills. Use of cognitive therapy and medication together can often help the individual suffering from OCD to fully take control of their lives.

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