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Why Should You Clear Crystals?

Clearing a gemstone or crystal is key right after purchase. It may have many things attached to it on its way to be yours. A cleared crystal will feel bright and positive. If it feels hot and heavy, it probably needs to be cleared.

How to Clear Crystals with Sea Salt

How to Clear Crystals with Moonlight

  • The light of the moon is also a powerful cleansing agent for stones.
  • Place the stones outside during a full to new moon. Place necklaces in tree branches where the moon will be sure to hit them. The waning moon is a good time to dispel any negative energies from the stone.
  • Don’t place them in sunlight – ever. The sun can fade the intricate color from the stones. It can also cause cracking or internal damage if they are left out too long in the sun.

How to Clear Crystals with Herbs or Earth

  • Burying your crystal in herbs such as sage, sandalwood, frankincense, or myrrh can also help cleanse them. This has a lower cost and is gentle to your stones.
  • You can also bury them in the dirt. This method is used for deep cleanings. Simply dig a hole and place the crystal in with the point down, and cover.
  • Place some kind of marker so you don’t lose your stone. The amount of time needed is up to you and how you feel the crystal is recharging. You can also use flower pots for this as well.

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