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Clear Vision – The Problem of Cataracts


The problem of cataractsSomeone with cataracts sees the world as if they were looking through a pair of foggy glasses in the winter.

Everything looks blurry and doing normal things, like driving, becomes extremely difficult if not impossible. The description is perfectly accurate because cataracts are actually the fogging up of the eyes natural lenses.

The lens of the eye focuses light into the retina and controls the eye’s ability to focus between short and long distances. The iris and pupil are both in front of the lens.

The lens is clear and composed of both protein and water. Aging, disease and injury can cause the proteins to mass together and a small part of the lens to become clouded up. The cataract can then become larger over time and vision becomes more and more difficult.

Cataracts are not dangerous to your overall health. They can be extremely frustrating because of the loss of vision, though. There are rare circumstances when a cataract becomes white. This is called an overripe cataract, or hypermature cataract. This type of cataract affects your vision so much that it can cause other symptoms like a headache or other types of pain. Hypermature cataracts usually require surgery because they are such a nuisance.

If you notice your vision declining you should go talk with your doctor or optometrist. There are several tests they can give you to quickly determine if you have cataracts. A visual acuity test is the standard eye test where you read letters and numbers (like when you get your drivers license). A slit-lamp exam is a specialized microscope that examines your eye closely. Retinal exam is performed by putting special drops into your eye, which dilate your pupils, so the doctor can better see what is going on with your eye lens.

The most common treatment for cataracts is surgery. People tend to wait as long as possible before surgery even though it can be performed in the early stages of vision loss.

There are several herbs that can help strengthen your eye if you opt out of surgery in the early going. Bilberry is great if you are looking to make your eye capillaries stronger and restore your eyes to their once strong state. Roobios and Sutherlandia Frutescens are very helpful in allowing the body to deliver plenty of oxygen, blood and other nutrients to the eyes. This gives your eyes all they need to be able to recover and become stronger.

Vizu-All Plus is a natural remedy that may help maintain healthy eyes and circulatory health. Vizu-All Plus may also help lessen common problems associated with night vision and eye sensitivity often associated with the normal aging process.

It is a good idea to use the right type of vitamins or herbs as you advance in age. This will help ensure that you keep your vision well into your golden years.

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Vizu-All Plus is a natural, safe, effective and powerful herbal formula containing carefully selected herbs to promote healthy eye functioning and to guard against eye disorders such as cataracts, macular degeneration and visual problems associated with diabetes. Use this remedy to promote healthy eye functioning; counteract cell damage caused by free radicals; strengthen blood capillaries in the eye; help the retina adapt to both dark and light; prevent macular degeneration and cataracts; prevent and treat glaucoma Formulated by a clinical psychologist, Vizu-All Plus is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

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