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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression

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Severe fatigue, joint pain, muscle tenderness, non-restorative sleep, headaches, mild fevers and sore throat all contribute to decrease the ability of people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to be successfully employed. And these symptoms also contribute to the development of depression.

However, the symptoms of depression are also similar to those of chronic fatigue syndrome. This similarity has led patients to be misdiagnosed solely with depression because it is a diagnosis with which more physicians are familiar and comfortable treating.

The difference in symptoms is related to the type of fatigue that affects the individual. In depression the fatigue is relieved by sleep and many who are depressed find relief in sleep. People who are fatigued because of CFS find that the exhaustion isn’t related to how they don’t want to do something but rather how they cant move their bodies enough to accomplish the task.

Individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome can also have a co-morbid condition of depression. In this instance the person may suffer from depression from the result of the symptoms of CFS.

Individuals who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression can be successfully treated for both conditions with proper treatment protocols that address the problems of both conditions. There currently isn’t a cure for CFS but there are treatment protocols that can improve the chances that the symptoms will be more easily managed.

Individuals with CFS and depression may find that they receive the best relief when they approach treatment using a two pronged approach. In the first approach individuals should investigate the use of supplements and medications to help with both the CFS and depression. Reducing stress, bolstering the immune system, working through a traumatic event, and correcting any nutritional deficits will go a long way to helping the body to correct the problems associated with CFS.

In the second approach individuals should seek the care of a trained counselor adept at working with people who are depressed related to a medical condition. In this case the professional will be balancing any medication recommendations against the underlying chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis and other medications being used to treat it.

Counselors will also address the depression from a behavioral standpoint helping the individual to recognize the symptoms of both the CFS and depression, how they impact their life and what changes may be made to improve the chances of a full recovery from the depression.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression may occur frequently together because of the stress that the CFS causes in the life of the individual but it doesn’t have to go untreated. People with CFS can lead happier lives by addressing their depression and taking control of their condition.

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