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Christmas Dinner Ideas for Those of Us on a Budget


christmas dinner ideasChristmas dinner is one of the most celebrated meals of the entire year. Whether you have a sacred meal with your immediate family or a large gathering on Christmas day the meal can be one of the most expensive aspects of the season. It doesn’t have to be. There are delicious and fun ways to have a budget Christmas dinner.

Here Are Five Budget Christmas Dinner Ideas

#1 Potluck

If you’re having a large gathering, consider asking everyone to bring a dish. The host or hostess manages the main course and the guests take care of everything else. This is a fantastic way to cut costs when you’re the holiday meal host.

#2 Fish Stew

Fish stew and homemade bread with a nice salad. It’s a meal fit for a king and yet it doesn’t cost much to make. If you love chowder or fish stew then it is a real meal to celebrate and look forward to. And you can make the meal as pricey or as budget friendly as you’d like by choosing different types of fish and seafood. Add a bottle of wine or sparkling cider to make it the perfect meal.

#3 Pork Tenderloin

If you’re feeding a larger crowd and don’t want to go the ham or turkey route and you’re not interested in a pot luck approach consider a pork tenderloin. You can fill the pork tenderloin with seasonal fruit like apples and cranberries. Add a salad, a vegetable and bread and you have the perfect budget Christmas dinner.

#4 Appetizers Only

Instead of creating a full meal, consider serving appetizers instead. Of course this can add up quickly too so be sure to plan your menu and create a spending limit before you head to the store. Vegetables are always less expensive options than meats and cheeses. And remember you can go the potluck route with the appetizer party too. You serve the drinks and your guests bring the appetizers.

#5 Moveable Feast

If your friends and family live close by, consider having a movable feast. The first family hosts the appetizers. The next house hosts the salad. The next house hosts the main course and so on. You get to travel to different homes and everyone prepares a portion of the meal.

It’s easy to have a budget Christmas Dinner when you are open minded and willing to plan ahead. Many of the easiest and most budget friendly options are those where everyone chips in. However, you can also host the meal entirely and still stick to your budget.

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