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Christian help for anxiety and depression

[29 Mar 2012 | 2 Comments | | Author: ]
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In the past 15 years the number of people seeking help for depression has doubled. The suicide rate is 11% for the general population but 20% for those over 65. The number of successful suicides in this older age range is high 1 out of 4, while young adults are successful only 1 out of 200 times.

While the rates of depressed Americans and suicidal adults has risen so has the number of clinics, doctors, scammers and charlatans. Choosing a therapist with whom to work when depressed is important. Making an informed and clear-headed choice is essential.

Although Christian help for anxiety and depression is based on Christ-like principles there continues to be people who will exploit others and claim to be Christians. Do your due diligence before placing your future and your mental health in the hands of a stranger. Christian help for anxiety and depression is based on several principles that will be consistent from therapist to therapist and clinic to clinic. These principles are based on Bible teachings. No therapist will ask you to ever go against what God has taught His people.

Christian help for anxiety and depression therapy is based on encouragement, coaching and therapeutic evaluation and recommendations, as is any other legitimate therapy. The real difference between a Christian based therapist and another therapist is that the truths and recommendations are biblically based. For instance Christian help for anxiety and depression wouldn’t make a recommendation that isn’t based on the writings in the Bible. The counselor wants you to experience the freedom in Jesus Christ.

Like all counseling for depression sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Sitting in your own situation it is difficult to imagine that there is hope, or a different life waiting for you. You become accustomed to your own personal view of reality and the chaos begins to feel normal. Christian help for anxiety and depression helps you find the key to unlock the answers to improving your relationships, experiencing forgiveness and resolving deep emotional wounds. Christian counselors also help you to apply the word of God in your life in very practical ways.

Living life is hard work. There are no easy roads. Wed all like easy answers. Our society is based on fast food, fast answers and quick solutions. Taking responsibility for our behavior and our future is scary. 90% of people who enter the doctors office with concerns about depression leave the office with a prescription for an anti-depressant without a recommendation for counseling. Although there is a real need and use for medication that isn’t the final answer to emerging from a depression or anxiety as a whole person.

Christian help for anxiety and depression will guide you toward practical and functional ways of healing your emotional wounds and changing your way of thinking. Depression and anxiety will distort your perception of truth and reality. Each day you may struggle to present a put together face for your friends and family. The energy it takes to get through the day, do your daily routine, saps you of any motivation to improve your outlook. You must remember that depression and anxiety are powerful moods. It can cloud your mind and distort your perception of the truth. One way that Christian help for anxiety and depression can alleviate your symptoms is to bring healthy people into your life.

Although therapy and medication increase your potential for healing from depression or anxiety the belief of all Christian counselors is that only through the freedom of Jesus Christ can you ever completely heal from the emotional wounds and deep hurts which we all carry with us through life. Christian help for anxiety and depression is a powerful means to a life of peace and joy.

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  • Ronald Hansen said:

    Jesus Christ is the focus of Christian healing ministries that are freeing people from the pain associated with unhealthy lifestyles. There is no limit on the healing power of Jesus Christ. Negative emotions are damaging to the body. Modern life is often characterized by a mounting sea of daily pressures and stressful events which are coming at us from every direction. However, the real culprit behind stress and stress related illnesses is not the situations and daily pressures that are bombarding us. The real culprit behind stress is the emotional reactions that we are experiencing on the inside of us. These emotions can generate sickness within our body. Negative emotions release chemical reactions in the body and the brain. These reactions affect organs on every level including the stomach, heart, large muscles, and the cells throughout the entire body. The most dangerous emotions include: un-forgiveness, depression, rage, anger, worry, fear, grief, guilt and frustration.

    • Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT (author) said:

      Hi Ronald,

      GREAT comment – and I so agree on the fact that it’s our reactions to stressors which create chronic stress. Terrific point and I thank you for sharing with us!

      Many blessings,

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