Throat and Tonsil Infections

All about Throats and Tonsils

Throats and Tonsils are very vulnerable to infection. The throat is the passage through which we take in air - either directly or through the nose. The air that we breathe contains many pollutants (e.g. cigarette smoke or environmental pollution) as well as Viruses and bacteria that may infect us with the Flu and other illnesses.

Throats may become swollen, red and painful when Viruses like the Common Cold or Flu attack throat tissue. A bacterial condition commonly called ’Strep Throat’ (caused by streptococcus bacteria) can also result in extremely Sore Throat and infected throat tissue.

The throat also contains our Tonsils, which are two sacs of lymphatic tissue situated at the back of the throat. Tonsils are extremely important in protecting the body against infection and help to guard against inhaled or ingested organisms. They also produce antibodies which help to fight against nose and Throat Infections. They may easily become infected, especially in childhood. Symptoms of Tonsillitis include swollen Tonsils, Sore Throat, difficulty swallowing, bad smelling breath, Fever, Listlessness, flushed cheeks and a glassy eyed look.

Unfortunately recurring Tonsillitis often leads to a Tonsillectomy (surgical removal of the Tonsils). Although doctors these days are more aware of the important role of the Tonsils in Immune Functioning and children’s Tonsils are not whipped out quite as readily as they once were, this is still fairly standard practice for children who suffer from recurring bouts of Tonsillitis and is one of the most common surgical procedures performed on children.

Once the Tonsils have been removed, children lose a very important line of defense against infection and may be more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections, as well as Allergies. It is therefore important to be sure that there are no other options before agreeing to a Tonsillectomy.

How are Throat Infections and Tonsillitis usually treated?

For Sore Throat caused by viral infection like Colds or Flu, treatment usually involves OTC (over the counter) medicines like pain killers and lozenges to suck until the infection clears. Strep Throat and Tonsillitis are usually treated by antibiotics. While antibiotics can quickly clear the infection within a couple of days, regular use can weaken the Immune System and result in recurring infections.

It is important that Strep Throat and Tonsillitis are treated as they can lead to further infections elsewhere in the body. However, it is also important to know that antibiotics and OTC remedies are not the only options for treating these conditions.

There are many effective natural alternatives to OTC medicines and antibiotics routinely prescribed for Strep Throat and Tonsillitis.

Natural herbal and Homeopathic Remedies can help to safely reduce the symptoms of these conditions, clear the infection, cut recovery time and also strengthen the Immune System to prevent recurring infection.

What is Throat and Tonsil Dr?

Throat and Tonsil Dr is our unique 100% blend of herbal and homeopathic ingredients, especially chosen for their ability to treat all the major symptoms of Throat Infections, including Strep Throat and Tonsillitis.

It may be used either at the very first signs of infection to prevent throat and Tonsil Infections and may also be combined with FloraFlu tablets for throat and tonsil conditions associated with Colds and Flu.

To prevent recurring infection and to assist with the recovery process, we recommend that Throat and Tonsil Dr be used together with OralFlu Protect - our very effective homeopathic oral Flu Vaccine. These two remedies may also be combined with FloraFlu in the case of Sore Throat or Tonsillitis associated with Colds or full blown Flu.

Use Throat and Tonsil Dr. to:

What are the Ingredients of Throat and Tonsil Dr?

Gelsemium 6C:is a homeopathic remedy well-known for its ability to reduce the symptoms of Sore Throat and Influenza. It is also an effective Hayfever remedy and has a calming and soothing effect.

Mercurius solubilis (Merc. Sol.) 6C has been used medicinally in its raw form since the times of Ancient Egypt to treat a range of infections. However, in more recent times, medicinal use of raw Merc. Sol. was discontinued due to the aggressive nature of Merc. Sol. and the risk of side effects. However, in its homeopathic form, one receives the therapeutic benefits of Merc. Sol. without the associated side effects. Used homeopathically, Merc. Sol. is extremely effective in the treatment of all mouth and Throat Infections, including infected throats, Tonsils, tooth abscess and oral Thrush. It is also recommended for Fever as well as infections of the sinus and ears.

Belladonna 30C: A Homeopathic remedy used for fast relief of acute Fever, pain, Headaches, Sore Throat, swollen Tonsils, dry cough and inflammation and is especially effective for illnesses which have a sudden onset.

Gallium aperine (also known as Cleavers): is an excellent cleansing tonic and has a particularly beneficial effect on all the lymph glands, including the Tonsils. Gallium aperine is effective in relieving swollen Tonsils and other lymph glands and is also recommended for glandular Fever.

Salvia officinalis has a beneficial effect on all conditions of the mouth and throat and has well-known herbal astringent, antibiotic and antiseptic properties

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

(Throat and Tonsil Dr contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How has Throat and Tonsil Dr helped others?

“My daughter has suffered from Tonsil Infections for years and some seasons it seemed like it was just antibiotic after antibiotic until my doctor recommended removing her Tonsils. I really couldn’t agree with that and found your website after a search for alternatives. To say I was skeptical is an understatement but anything was worth trying. To my surprise, your Throat and Tonsil tablets were successful from the start! Since the first treatment 8 months ago, there have been no antibiotics and no recurring problems. She had a Sore Throat once and we started the treatment and it seemed to go away by itself without developing anything. I am holding thumbs that we have found a lasting solution and have subsequently used some of your other remedies with good results. Thank you!” Diana.

“The combination of Throat and Tonsil Dr and FloraFlu is magic! As a mother, I will never be without them in the house. ” Pamela M.

“I can definitely recommend Throat and Tonsil Dr for anyone with children who have problems with tonsilitis. This remedy has been a real blessing in our home, especially with my middle daughter who was always off school due to Tonsils. ” Lorrie K.

How do I use Throat and Tonsil Dr?

Throat and Tonsil Dr comes in small sucking tablets that may be dissolved or chewed in the mouth.


Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue every 30 minutes until symptoms subside. Thereafter take 2 tablets three times daily for up to 7 days.

For babies and very small children, Throat and Tonsil Dr may be used in 1/2 dose (one tablet) and crushed into a powder which is then sprinkled on the tongue or diluted in a little warm water.

To prevent recurring infection and to assist with the recovery process, we recommend that Throat and Tonsil Dr be used together with OralFlu Protect - our very effective homeopathic oral Flu Vaccine.

These two remedies may also be combined with FloraFlu in the case of Sore Throat or Tonsillitis associated with Colds or full blown Flu.

How long until I see results?

Especially when combined with OralFlu Protect, Throat and Tonsil Dr will almost immediately begin to reduce symptoms and you should begin to notice improvement within the first few hours, with further improvement as time progresses. Please remember to complete the course.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of Throat and Tonsil Dr contains 150 tablets and should be sufficient for treatment of a number of throat and Tonsil Infections.

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