Lice Treatment

Apply Olive Oil to head, getting hair saturated, and rubbing it into the scalp, especially behind the ears and at the base of the head. Put a shower cap over the hair and have them sleep in it.

In the morning, wash hair good. You’ll probably have to Shampoo several times to get all the oil out. Using the little comb, get all the eggs out that you can see. Wash again, and add Lavender Essential Oil to the final rinse.

Continue by washing all linens, sheets, towels, etc. Vacuum upholstered furniture, carpet and drapes. Wash hair brushes, combs, ribbons, barrettes, etc.

Put all stuffed animals and things that can’t be washed into a double trash bag and knotting the top. Leave them in there a week or so.

Each morning when my friend fixed her daughter’s hair, she misted it first with Lavender Essential Oil and water from a spray bottle.

This regimen finally got rid of the problem. She continued misting with the Lavender Essential Oil and water each morning, as a preventative measure.

Good luck!

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