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Childhood Vaccine Dangers

[25 Jan 2012 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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Vaccinations are common in most industrialized nations today. Even in Third World countries funding for vaccination programs against virulent viruses are attempted to decrease the morbidity and mortality from the illnesses.

In the United States people working in certain professions such as cooks and health care workers have stringent guidelines for vaccinations to both protect the worker and prevent spread of infection.

But how safe are these vaccinations and at what risk are we placing our children when they enter vaccine programs? Unfortunately there isn’t a clear answer to that question. Parents and professionals are often left to weigh the risk versus the benefit of a particular vaccine when considering the childhood vaccine dangers.

Parents can help their physicians to make informed decisions when they themselves are also informed. Vaccines are like any other foreign substance that enters the human body. There are side effects, reactions, and drug interactions that may range from the very mild to the severe or even death. Vaccines are not different.

Fortunately modern medicine has come a long way in investigating and producing medications that have a lower side effect profile and yet give good protection against disease. The risks of these medications are usually minimal while the risk of actually having the disease is usually greater.

Medicine is never referred to as the science of medicine but rather the practice of medicine. This is because there are no cut and dried answers in practicing medicine on the human body. Reactions are often based on the previous medical history and nutritional background of the individual and so, while physicians can often give a probability that a specific reaction will occur they cant be 100% sure each and every time.

The negative side effects of vaccinations do occur but there are also negative effects of having the disease as well. It is best to become aware of the vaccination reactions as well as the long and short term results of having the disease in order to most clearly make your decisions about vaccinations.

In some cases parents are left without many choices because school systems and some employers insist that immunizations schedules are up to date in order to allow the student or employee to participate.

Vaccinations mean big money to pharmaceutical companies and those who distribute them. With each adult and child a potential recipient and governments and insurance companies potential buyers its no wonder that this multi-billion dollar industry is well protected.

In the recent past there have been more and more published literature that outlines some of the side effects of the actual immunization. Unfortunately there have been no real solid research studies where people were immunized against a disease and then exposed to prove the efficacy of the vaccine. This type of testing is entirely unethical and not allowed by human testing laws.

On the other hand its difficult to refute the fact that with the advent of the OPV (oral polio vaccine) the number of polio diseases in the U.S. has been eradicated. Detractors would also point out that the decline in disease has also happened around the increased awareness of public health and sanitation.

Challengers, most notably Dr. Lanctot in his book The Medical Mafia, believe that vaccinations are changing the immune system of those who receive them and that in 100 years we will be well aware of the genetic changes that have been perpetrated against the body.

There have been other groups who are speaking out against vaccinations as well. By looking through the US Federal governments VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) they report 11,000 adverse reactions each year including 100 to 200 deaths and at least twice that number of permanent disabilities.

There are no clear answers for parents and professionals who are considering their options for vaccination. The negative side effects of vaccinations continue to be an issue that parents must address for their children and adults should address as an informed decision.

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