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Changing Your Life to Make Room for Fibromyalgia

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Life with fibromyalgia, at the best of times, is a challenge. Unfortunately, one of the first lessons a sufferer learns is the fact that fibromyalgia is not curable. In spite of all the advances modern medicine has made over the decades, there is no way of curing the disease either with medications, treatments or surgeries. Instead, he most commonly associated symptom of the disease, such as the relentless presence of pain, can be treated with drugs.

Other symptoms that may be treated with prescription medicines or over the counter drugs are the fatigue that makes it impossible for many fibromyalgia to continue on in their known way of life the way they used to. Making matters worse is the fact that the pain appears to move from one area of the body to the next, making an adequate predication of the affected body parts next to impossible.

Some have speculated that fibromyalgia is linked to a genetic predisposition to the illness, but there is no proof and no certain way of screening for this possibility. Instead, a newly diagnosed fibromyalgia patient will do well to learn how to go about changing their lives to make for the disease which is now here to stay. Some have chosen to embrace it with an indomitable kind of optimism that seeks to make fibromyalgia out to be somewhat of a wild card in the daily adventure of life.

Generally speaking, this kind of approach is only possible to a few select individuals who can literally make lemonade out lemons life might be handing them. All others must explore their comfort level with the disease, and also their ability to weather the rollercoaster ride that life after a diagnosis with fibromyalgia will become.

Pain management is the first order of business when it comes to learning how to live with the disease. Sufferers have the option of applying holistic methods for pain control or instead use prescription drugs to ease the throbbing pains that may be travelling from body part to body part. Since fibromyalgia does have flare ups, patients may go short or long periods of time without any appreciable pain, only to suddenly notice a steadily increasing kind of pain that makes work, participation in hobbies, and even a social life virtually impossible. Patients usually find that having analgesics on hand is the best way to fortify against a sudden flare up. Setting up a doctors appointment or having to wait to get a prescription filled while the pain is at its worst usually is not a good idea.

It is interesting to note that memory lapses have also been reported by fibromyalgia patients. This may have in part to do with the strength of the painkillers a patient takes, but in other cases it may be the effect of pain impulses on certain nerve centers within the human brain. Even so, preparing for a life with fibromyalgia demands that patients prepare for the eventuality of memory problems, and beginning a rigorous way to record keeping is a crucial means of remaining in control over day to day activities, even if there are some bouts of memory loss.

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