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Since ancient times, spiritual healers have used colored stones for the treatment of chakras.

It’s believed that each gemstone has the power to tap into spiritual energies from the universe, and then guide that healing energy to the corresponding chakra in need of healing.

Today, using gemstones for healing and balancing the chakras is still a very popular form of meditation and spiritual improvement.

Chakras are simply energy centers in the body. They run from the crown the head to the base of the spine.

Each chakra is associated with a particular color, and each is also associated with certain physical, emotional and mental ailments and characteristics.

Energy is believed to exit and enter our bodies through the chakras. If they somehow become misaligned, energy flow is blocked, and a host of physical, mental and spiritual consequences can be experienced.

The first step to understanding the use of gemstones in chakra healing therapy is to understand the chakras themselves, and which colors correspond to each chakra.

• Crown chakra (crown of the head) – Violet, Purple and White
• Brow chakra (forehead) – Indigo
• Throat chakra (throat and neck) – Blue
• Heart chakra (chest) – Green
• Solar chakra (just below the ribcage) – Yellow
• Sacral chakra (abdomen) – Orange
• Root chakra (base of spine to groin area) – Red, Black, Pink and Gray

Gemstones of these colors are used to treat the corresponding chakras. The shade of the color can be important. To intensify or awaken a chakra, a bold, bright shade would be used.

However, if you want to tone down the effects of a certain chakra to bring it back into proper alignment, you would use a softer tone.

For example, the root chakra would be intensified and opened by the use of red or black gemstones, while its effects would be softened and aligned by the use of stones that are pink or gray.

How Healers Use Gemstones

If you feel you need the assistance of a healer when beginning to understand and align your chakras you’re not alone. This is a simple process, but becoming familiar with your chakras and how they affect your life can be made much simpler by even one session with a professional.

Your practitioner will explain the chakras and give you a reading, after which they will tell you which of your chakras are out of alignment or need chakra healing. This will let you know which areas you need to concentrate on while working on your own.

You can also bring up specific concerns with your practitioner. If you were experiencing a sense of disconnection from God or your higher power, your practitioner would most likely work very intensely on your crown chakra, since this chakra is associated with our connections to the spiritual world.

There are many different ways your practitioner might go about this type of chakra healing. They may choose a violet, purple or brilliantly white gemstone, depending on the nature of your feelings of disconnection. They may use the gemstone manually, swirling it in the  air above the crown chakra.

They might also gently set the gemstone direction atop the crown chakra in order to direct universal energy where you need it most.

Alternately, they may meditate while holding or gazing at the gemstone, allowing energy to flow through themselves and into your crown chakra. The practice of chakra healing, of course, depends upon the practitioner.

How You can Use Gemstones

A good step to take when you’re just starting out with chakra healing is finding a set of high quality gemstones. According to ancient tradition, you should look for natural stones, not those that have been created in a lab.

Since they come from the earth, natural stones are believed to be much more powerful when attempting to channel healing energy from the universe.

Once you have a good set of gemstones, it’s time to begin with chakra healing on yourself. A good way to begin is to meditate. While you’re in a peaceful and receptive state, try to tune into your chakras. Visualize each one, and try to discern if any of them are out of alignment.

You can use your gemstones in the same manner as a practitioner would. Hold one and concentrate on its color, arrange them in a circle for a full-body alignment, or hold it against the chakra you’re trying to heal.

Once you’ve begun using gemstones for chakra healing, you’ll be amazed at how these little stones can purify and concentrate your efforts.


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