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Chakra Balancing Meditation


To balance your chakras through meditation, simply concentrate on each chakra beginning at the base chakra. Visualize the chakra as a sphere spinning and visualize bringing white light directly into the sphere until the sphere is full of the white light… Picture the white light cleansing the sphere and removing all of the negativity within the sphere. If you can concentrate on this enough you will actually be able to feel the subtle energy field here and the vibration of this happening… . now picture a bright red light entering your chakra with vibrant red energy refilling the whole sphere until it is completely full. Now Move up to the Sacral chakra and repeat the same procedure only filling it with orange light instead of red, and move all the way up all of the chakras in this manner filling each with their own color after cleansing… .

This is a simple meditation, there are more complex ways of cleansing and balancing with the use of crystals, reiki and other healing techniques but most people notice a significant difference just after doing one of these meditations.


To begin. Choose a room or an open space. Choose a beginning point and ending point. This ending point can be anywhere form 10 feet to 10 miles! Take a deep breath at the starting point. Concentrate on the here and now. At this beginning point of your mediation. With each step you take say out loud one of the things you would like to change. You may repeat your sayings more than once if you need to. Sentences like, “I deserve to be treated with respect.” or ” I have had enough procrastination” , “I am unhappy”.

Now when you reach your end point, turn around .. with each step back to the beginning point say only positive, affirmative sentences like, “I am Happy”, I am a perfect being”, ” I have all that I truly need”, etc. One positive statement for every step that you take back to the beginning. When you reach the end/beginning , take a deep breath, Breathe in gratitude, breathe out a smile. ( do this until you feel it_. IF the distance wasn’t long enough , do it again. Continue the walk until you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually better… lighter.

You may also wish to carry a basket of stones, shells, buttons…etc. .and place each down as you walk along and pick them up on your return trip. Remember, your intentions are so very important, intend to relieve yourself of the burdens that you carry that no longer serve you for your highest good, Intend to releases, to forgive , to act, and/or to move on.


1. Sit or lie comfortably.

2. Take a deep , slow breath in and slowly exhale out. With each breath in and out, allow your body to relax more, and more, and more. Let your body sink into the chair or floor (or whatever).

3.Focus on your Crown area and allow it to open to receive the energy from this ball of white light. As you open your Crown Chakra to receive this energy you feel completely at ease , completely safe.

4. Draw down this white light energy into your forehead, your eyes,nose,cheeks, chin.

5. Draw down this white light energy into your throat, shoulders, elbows, wrists, to each and every finger, Feel the energy in your fingertips right now. Feel it tingle with energy and excitement.

6. Draw down the white light energy to your chest, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, into each and every toe. Feel the toes tingle as the energy fills them.

7.Picture this white light energy filling up your entire body. You are the white light energy, and you will now expand yourself. With each breath in and out expand your white light energy to outside your body. Fill up the room, the building, the neighborhood, the city, the state, the country, the world, the universe. You have expanded throughout the entire galaxy!

8.When you are ready to return , bring your energy back into the building, into your body. Allow yourself time to adjust once more to your physical form and when ready, open your eyes. wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch both arms. overhead and take a big, deep breath in and slowly release again.. You are truly a white light being!

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