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Center Your Mind and Spirit Naturally


How can MindStill Essence help you?

Now that the early and unsettled days of the first trimester have passed and your pregnancy is well-established, it is time for you to look after your own physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual balance.

The second trimester is often described as the best time of pregnancy. Many women in their second trimester feel fit and full of energy. This is the period when your hair shines and your skin glows and you can show off your bump with pride!

Your baby is growing within you and you will feel the first signs of life. Now it is important to nurture and care for yourself and also to prepare for the last stage of pregnancy.

Mindstill essence helps to still the mind and find one’s inner center, creating space for the facilitation of the life force, dreaming and female wisdom and harnessing the procreative force.

At the same time it frees the inner child to laugh and experience joy and playfulness, enabling a feeling of security and freedom.

What is MindStill Essence?

MindStill Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower essences in our unique 100% natural formula:

Pink Watsonia essence brings quietness and clarity to the mind and is most useful when feeling torn in several directions or feeling pressure from the opinions of others. Pink Watsonia will help the individual to find her own true center and fulfillment.

Pomegranate essence is wonderful for helping attain a balance between your roles in the home and at work as well as your need for personal fulfillment. This essence will allow your creativity to be freed and acts as a general tonic for pregnancy as well as any sexual difficulties.

Zinnia essence frees the inner child and brings laughter, wonder in ones surroundings and a carefree mentality. It facilitates play and joyfulness and is particularly useful for helping adults relate to children.

Cape Almond helps to ground the individual and find one’s spiritual center and inner personal strength. This essence soothes fear of the unknown as well as anxieties and insecurities about ones own ability to succeed.

Arum Lily essence will address imbalance in yin/yang energy and thereby strengthens self-knowledge and endow a sense of personal empowerment. This flower essence also brings resolution to personal conflict as well as conflict within relationships.

Corn essence links the spiritual world with the earth and keeps one grounded while at the same time allowing spiritual growth. This essence brings inner strength, space and peace especially in individuals who are experiencing stress and difficulties associated with a lack of personal space.

Yarrow strengthens the aura and protects it from negativity and disruption. Yarrow flower essence also brings light into the chakras.

(MindStill Essence contains no animal products, gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How do I use MindStill Essence?

MindStill Essence comes in a 15 ml liquid infusion of stock strength, hand-bottled flower essences and should be taken after being diluted as below.


Add 1/4 cup just boiled water to 7 drops. Allow to cool and take 4 – 7 times daily.

Use MindStill Essence to:

* Still your mind and find your spiritual center.
* Create inner space for facilitation of the life force, dreaming and female wisdom.
* Free the inner child, encourage laughter and experience the joy of playfulness.
* Enable a feeling of security and freedom.


‘After I used your Creation Essence in my first trimester, I was convinced that your flower essences are just the thing for bringing balance, serenity and clarity into this roller-coaster ride we call pregnancy. I ordered MindStill Essence in plenty of time for this second stage of my journey and was just as impressed and grateful as I had been after using the Creation Essence. I felt calm, optimistic and sure of myself even when my mother-in-law started telling me how to run my life! It is safe to say that I have experienced the most radiant time of my life in the last several weeks; both physically and emotionally.’ Catherine, FL

‘Thank you for your wonderful MindStill Essence! As this is my first pregnancy, the concept of motherhood and having a child of my own is completely new to me. I have been feeling completely daunted and my mind was constantly racing about things I needed to do, people I needed to call and errands I had to run. After starting your MindStill Essence I felt as though things became clearer and my priorities shifted. I realized that now is a time to look after myself and be looked after by those who love me. Sure, there is plenty to do in preparation for a new baby but there is also plenty of time, and my own health and the well-being of the little one are more important than choosing the perfect color for the nursery walls!’ Sharon, NY

What else is important?

Stress-coping and relaxation techniques such as meditation will allow you to become more in touch with your inner being and your visions of motherhood as well as improve your ability to deflect the stress and chaos of everyday life from affecting the integrity of your dreams and well-being.

Avoid all alcohol, cigarette smoke and raw seafood i.e. sushi.

Feeding your body adequate quantities of fresh, healthy varied foods will impart optimum physical and psychological health to you and your unborn child.

Remember to see your health care practitioner regularly to monitor your own health as well as the development and growth of your baby.

MindStill Flower Essence is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

MindStill Flower Essence is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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