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Causes and Natural Answers for Insomnia


Causes and Natural Answers for InsomniaInsomnia is a sleeping disorder where a person gets either not enough or poor quality sleep.

A person might have trouble falling asleep or wake up multiple times during the night.

It can also mean waking up too early in the morning or waking up and feeling as if you didn’t sleep at all!

Insomnia is an extremely common sleep disorder and it has many causes.

Causes of Insomnia

Stress, anxious thoughts and excessive amounts of caffeine are thought to be the primary causes of it.

No matter what causes it, it can wreak havoc in your personal life and leave you feeling terrible day in and day out.

Side Effects of Insomnia

Those who suffer with insomnia often complain of being sleepy, fatigued, having trouble concentrating, focusing, depression and irritability. It also increases the chances that you will mess something up or have some type of accident.

You have probably heard ‘Get your 8 hours of sleep!’ once or twice. Most people need around this much sleep but some only need 5 and others need 9 to 10 to feel good from day to day.

Getting Help for Insomnia

Causes and Natural Answers for InsomniaIf you have had chronic sleeping problems then you should consult your doctor.

Prior to your visit, keep a journal recording things like when you fall asleep, when you wake up, the quality of your sleep and how you feel during each day.

This way your doctor will have a head start on your diagnosis.

You will then be asked some questions and the doctor will take a close look at your medical history. Particular areas of interest will be your daily caffeine intake, medicines you use regularly and accidents you might have had during the day.

Once the doctor has thoroughly assessed your problem they will be able to know whether a specific physical cause is to blame. You might be sent to a sleep center where they can monitor your sleep patterns.

Make sure that you discuss all options with your doctor, though. Many will just give you a prescription for a sleep tablet and send you on your way.

Herbal Help for Insomnia

There are several herbs that can help you to sleep without the side effects of conventional medicine. Hypericum Perforatum, Passiflora Incarnata and Scuttelaria Laterifolia all keep your hormones in check while you sleep and help to keep your sleep pattern regular.

You can also increase your intake of calcium lactate, magnesium lactate and vitamin B6 to encourage healthy sleep.

Meditation, Yoga and deep breathing exercises can be really helpful if your sleep problems are related to anxiety. There are classes available almost everywhere and plenty of information can be found on the internet.

Getting the Rest You Need

SerenitePlus is a natural, safe and effective herbal/homeopathic formula especially formulated to treat the symptoms of insomnia, especially sleep onset insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) and to assist in the treatment of chronic insomnia.

SerenitePlus has been used safely and effectively for many years to help with sleep problems.

Using up-to-date scientific knowledge of insomnia and natural sleep patterns, this remedy combines herbal and homeopathic remedies in a new and improved formula. SerenitePlus may also be combined with Serenite-LT for a long term solution to insomnia.

Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine, SerenitePlus is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

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  1. Causes and Natural Answers for Insomnia | Natur... - January 6, 2014

    […] Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where a person gets either not enough or poor quality sleep. A person might have trouble falling asleep or wake up multiple times during the night. […]

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