The Healing Sound of Music

November 11th, 2006

Every material thing - every person, animal, rock and tree on the earth, even Mother Earth herself - has its own natural resonating frequency. The Earth’s own electromagnetic field, deep space, and people in a meditative state are all resonating at a frequency of approximately 7.8 hertz. This is called the Schumann Resonating Frequency.

Every cell in every person, rock and tree also has its own natural resonating frequency, which is ideally in harmony with the unit as a whole. Every sound, from the delicacy of a pure musical note to the harsh retort of a gun, sends out a wave of energy. This wave is vibrating at its own frequency, which then affects everything in its path.

In human beings, the balanced interaction of all the frequencies resonating in and through our bodies is what makes us work. When our frequencies resonate in sync, we are healthy. We feel good, and we feel connected with our own selves and those around us. We are “in tune.”

For creatures such as the whales and dolphins, resonating in perfect harmony is essential. If these creatures are not in tune with each other, they cannot communicate. Reproduction and survival depend completely upon this ability to recognize and reply to each other’s “song.”

For humans, the issue is not quite so critical, but when we are “out of tune,” many problems can develop. Just as all the musicians in a symphony orchestra must be tuned to each other for the music to sound good, so, too, must all of our cells be in tune with each other for us to feel good. And just as any number of things can make a musical instrument go out of tune - like changes in temperature or humidity or a sudden bump - any number of things can jostle the cells in our body out of tune.

A good example of the physical effect of vibrating energy is the scraping of nails against a chalkboard. This grating noise produces physical changes in anyone who hears it. Our teeth tingle and the hair on the back of our necks stands up. The tone itself is creating a frequency that is adversely affecting the rate of vibration in the cells of the body experiencing it.

Have you ever used those ultrasonic machines to repel rodents or insects? You know, the ones that chase away the pests without chemicals? Those devices are working on pure sound. Frequencies in these machines produce sound that only the pests can hear, but it is absolutely repelling to them. It creates a very definite physical reaction in them - they scurry away!

Isn’t that kind of how you feel when you hear unpleasant sounds? You try to get away. If you can’t get away, your body reacts negatively to those sounds. We notice the most obvious things at once - we cover our ears, or tense up, or start to get nervous. But the effects go far beyond the obvious.

Scientific tests have shown that bombardment of the body by unpleasant sounds actually increases blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates. The blood’s magnesium level falls, and extra fats are released into the bloodstream. This is definitely not a good thing, especially if you have high Cholesterol!

Music is a way to experience vibrations in a pure form. Music is the art of vibrations. Whether music has a positive or negative physical effect depends on how it is arranged and presented. The source of the sound, the volume, even the purity of the tone, has everything to do with the physical effect it has on our human bodies.

The same holds true for other living things.

Everyone has heard the stories of miraculous comebacks for house plants that have had music played near them. You may even have tried playing Mozart for your own philodendron. It makes a lot of sense, if you understand that everything has its own natural resonating frequency, and that different musical frequencies have varying effects on all things. Scientific research has confirmed this fact, especially for plants.

A researcher in Minnesota found that agricultural plants such as corn respond and grow at an amazing rate when they are exposed to the sounds of the sitar (a traditional stringed instrument from India).

Another researcher in Denver, Colorado, compared the effects that different kinds of music had on plants. We found this research very interesting. Plants were placed in five identical greenhouses. Soil, light and water conditions were all identical, and the types of plants were the same in all of the greenhouses. For several months, the researcher pumped different kinds of music into each of the greenhouses. In one, Bach was played, in the second, Indian music, the third, loud rock, and the last, country and Western music was played. In the fifth greenhouse, no music was played at all.

The plants in the greenhouse where only heavy rock music was played did not do well at all. Their growth was stunted, and they would not flower. In the greenhouses with Bach and Indian music, the plants were green and healthy, with many flowers. The plants that heard country and Western music grew the same as those with no music - at a moderate rate, and with a normal amount of flowers.

Now, it doesn’t seem likely that the plants had an “emotional” response to the music. So it must have been something in the actual rate of vibration, the frequency of the Sound Waves that affected their growth.

If music has such a profound effect on relatively simple organisms, what must it do to more complex systems?

We’ve all heard of people being able to sing a note for an extended period of time, and being able to break a glass with it. When jets burst through the sound barrier, they cause a sonic boom that breaks windows for miles around. That is what happens when sounds create disorder on a visible scale.

Think about the disorder all those vibrations are creating inside our bodies, where we cannot see their effects. Are organs being scrambled? Are brain cells being jostled?

Consider all of the things that you hear every day. The jangling of an alarm clock, airplanes flying overhead, trucks and buses rumbling by, the low-riders with mega bass speakers waiting beside you at the stoplight. Televisions, telephones, dogs barking, children playing, sirens, machinery at work; just imagine all the different frequencies that those noises are sending out.

Now think of all the frequencies you cannot hear. The human ear has a very limited range of hearing. Sound Waves above and below that range are not physically heard, but they STILL affect the rate of Resonance in our bodies. One example of inaudible sound is the radio wave. These tones are audible only when you have a receiver with which to pick them up, but they are always there. Hundreds of thousands of them are entering and bombarding our bodies and individual cells every second, every minute, every day for our entire lives. The trouble is, many of these frequencies are damaging to the human body. They are literally altering the natural Resonance of our DNA and changing our cellular structures.

If you have ten Tuning Forks all tuned to the same frequency and you strike only one, they will all begin to chime together. However, if you strike a Tuning Fork tuned differently and place it near the others, they will all stop. Now, if these dissonant frequencies can stop the vibration of a simple Tuning Fork, what must they do to the delicate balance in our human bodies?

To begin with, they can physically damage our ears. People in modern society have a great degree of hearing loss. Whether frequencies originate from random noise like jet engines or rock music emanating from stacks of amplifiers, the vibrations actually damage the delicate tissues that allow us to hear.

The physical damage, however, is dwarfed by the social consequences of hearing loss. Conversations become difficult, movies are not nearly so enjoyable, even driving takes on an added dimension of danger. Many people who suffer from hearing loss become despondent and withdrawn, just because it’s too hard to communicate!

The ears are not the only body parts that suffer from jarring, loud or discordant sounds, including certain kinds of music.

When exposed to a multitude of instruments and voices, an erratic beat and electronic distortion of the notes themselves, the resonating frequency of the human body is thrown into chaos. The organs begin to vibrate out of sync with the nervous system, which can’t keep up with the rate of breathing, which… it goes on an on.

Is it any wonder that so many of us feel stressed, tired and irritable? Our cells are vibrating at erratic levels, out of sync with each other. In advanced cases, this bombardment of frequencies can cause many physical changes and lead to disease in the body. How do you counteract this insidious invasion by sound?

You do this by being conscious of frequencies that disrupt your body’s own rate of Resonance, eliminating them, and ultimately replacing them with frequencies that have a positive impact on the body. You need to “tune up!”

There are many therapists who actually use tone generators and sound wave machines to help people get their bodies vibrating back at their optimum rates. You could try that approach, but it may be very expensive and not readily available where you live. What next?

The easiest, best, most enjoyable solution is… MUSIC. Technically, music is no more than a series of notes or tones arranged in a mathematically precise and aesthetically pleasing pattern. Tones are just some of the dozens of sounds traveling through the air, water, or even solid objects at any one time. Whether we hear them or not, these tones resonate through us constantly.

If you want to change the resonating frequency of your body, listening to or making music is very powerful. Listening to the soothing tones of chant, Native American flute, harp or even synthesized strings is a great way to get the body resonating back to its proper, natural state.

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair and really listen to some calming music. Try melodies that are simple, arrangements that are uncomplicated. Listen to each instrument and FEEL its impact on your physical body. This experience is enhanced if you wear padded headphones that actually cover the whole ear, because then you get the full effect of all of the frequencies in the music. Also, it blocks out other audible sounds that could be creating discordance. Close your eyes. Keep out all sensory input except for this music.

Each tune has a different range of frequencies, different melodies, and they will give you different physical responses. Allow your body to respond to the frequencies. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Pay attention to how your physical body changes. Immediately it will be more relaxed. There will be a difference in your blood pressure, your heart rate, your breathing.

Once your body is calm and resonating at a more balanced frequency, you will be amazed at how different things look. Things that might have been bothering you, people that might have annoyed you - they just won’t matter as much. You have so much more freedom to think your own thoughts, unencumbered by extra input. You will be able to feel your true feelings. They won’t be governed by energy over which you have no control.

Another excellent way to actually calm down the physical body is to listen to a pure beat. Any repetitive sound such as a metronome, a heartbeat or constant, even drumming, has a regulating effect on the biological functioning of the human body. Go to a music store and get an old fashioned wooden metronome. Set it on “largo,” about 40 beats per minute. This slow, soothing rhythm has a Hypnotic effect. After ten minutes or so, you will find yourself in a very relaxed state. Even the ticking of an old-fashioned grandfather type clock can have the effect of regulating your body.

Whenever you’re feeling over-stimulated or irritated, stop. Analyze what’s bothering you. You’ll be amazed at how often it is a sound - music, machinery, perhaps voices. If you can’t eliminate the noise or get away from it, at least you will recognize that it is noise that’s making you feel stressed or upset, and not some unknown element.

You can also counteract noise overload by humming. If you have to travel on a subway or bus, or even in your car, or if you work in a factory with loud machinery, you can help your body resonate at its optimum rate by humming. You don’t have to hum loud enough for anyone else to hear, just loud enough to feel it in your own body. As you hum, you will find yourself making tones that make your body feel more comfortable, and the noise from which you cannot escape will not bother you as much. Try it. You’ll like it!

We know now that every individual body and every thing is being bombarded by sound and noise. Consider the Dissonance created by the overwhelming number of frequencies penetrating everyone on Earth. Nothing is in tune with anything else!

Is it any wonder that there is so much anger, mistrust and fear? How are you supposed to relate to and communicate with each other under these sound stresses? What if we could somehow balance and synchronize ourselves with each other and the planet? It makes perfect sense that communication would be much easier, and we would all feel much healthier and more peaceful.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a futurist who believes that we could all benefit by humming a certain note. She believes that D flat is the note that most closely matches the resonating frequency of the earth. She feels if enough people were to hum or otherwise create this tone together, it would counteract the discordant frequencies racing around the planet, and raise the consciousness of Mother Earth and the people inhabiting her.

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About the author

The above is an excerpt from The Healing Sound of Music by Kate Mucci and Richard Mucci. Kate and Richard entertained for nearly five years at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but left in 1999 to pursue their work with music healing. They now do healing music workshops and concerts, and conduct sound and music healing sessions throughout southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. Kate and Richard can be reached by email at, or you can visit their website at www.crosswynd. com.

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Music Therapy: A Peaceful Revolution

June 9th, 2006

You’ll be in trouble with the law if you play your music too loudly in Rochester, New York. Anyone found violating local and state noise ordinances by means of overly loud “boom boxes,” stereos, motorcycles, automobiles or loud partying will be ticketed.

New York City has also begun to oppose the bombardment of noise. Its Department of Environmental Protection has a Quality of Life Hotline. 70% of the calls received concern noise. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has established a Council on the Environment. There is a citywide group (with a somewhat unfortunate acronym) called Friends Against Noisy New York. On April 25th, there were observances of International Noise Awareness Day. The mayor also established Operation Silent Night, a citywide quality of life initiative to combat loud and excessive noise in New York City.

It’s not that the state of New York is less tolerant than the rest of us. It’s that they’ve realized something a lot of communities don’t know yet.

We all know that we’re exposed to more excessive noise today than at any other time in history. Modern life can seem like an ongoing struggle to rise above the din. Home life fills our ears with barking dogs, air conditioning units, televisions, boom boxes and the kitchen vent-a-hood. When we leave the house or office, we yell to be heard over construction projects, car alarms, traffic and other people’s music. The list goes on and on. The US Census Bureau has reported that noise is Americans’ top complaint about their neighborhoods and their main reason for wanting to move.

What New Yorkers have found and the rest of us need to know is that noise pollution is more than just annoying; It can be dangerous. One Rochester police officer explains that when blasting music in neighborhoods goes unchecked, it indicates that respect is not required.

“This type of environment is friendly to other, more serious types of crimes,” he says. That’s why police officers and neighborhood residents have decided to crack down on excessive noise in their community. Police and concerned citizens have been walking the streets together, knocking on the doors of noisy neighbors and warning them about possible fines and legal action.

Noise is not only a health issue for communities, but also for individuals. Research has shown dramatic physiological effects from exposure to excessive noise. In addition to its damage to the ears, Dr. Luther Terry, former U.S. Surgeon General identifies a host of other negative health effects due to noise. A partial list includes Cardiovascular constriction, elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, more labored breathing, measurable changes in skin resistance and skeletal-muscle Tension, digestive system changes, glandular activity that alters the chemical content of blood and urine, vestibular effects, balance sense effect and changes in brain chemistry. It bears repeating that this is just a partial list. Terry details the negative effect of noise on fetal development, as well.

The Surgeon General echoes the voices of many health professionals. Researchers have found that after extended exposure to high noise such as aircraft flyovers or workplace noise, blood pressure rises as much as 30%. Increasing the negative impact is the fact that blood pressure stays at that elevated level for a significant period after the exposure ends. So if you’re close enough to a landing plane that your blood pressure rises, it stays up and affects your body long after the airplane noise is gone.

You don’t have to live near an airport to be affected by traffic. Even noise that we might consider moderate has its effect. A German study found that those living on busy streets were 20% more likely to have a Heart Attack than those living on a quiet one.

Studies have also linked learning problems to noise. It affects the ability of children to learn to speak, to read, and to acquire knowledge in schools. These effects have been documented near airports, train tracks and major roadways. The inability to hear and understand all that a teacher is saying can translate to poor grades and could even lead to a higher dropout rate in schools.

Moreover, noise pollution has impact on the behavior of both children and adults. One study looked at how passers-by responded to a person in need in the presence of noise. While a noisy lawn mower roared nearby, a woman with a broken arm dropped some books and tried to pick them up. No one stopped to help her. When the lawnmower was turned off and the scene repeated, several people stopped to help her retrieve her books.

With all that being said, it’s no wonder that Americans have more problems with sleeping, concentrating and dealing with stress in our noise-polluted environment. Fortunately, there is more to sound than the negative effects of noise. The opposite of noise is music. The ability of music to repair and encourage health and harmony is as powerful as noise’s ability to destroy them. So powerful, in fact, that there is an entire field called Music Therapy.

The full benefits of Music Therapy are still being studied, but we know of quite a few already. Studies in mental health, for example, have shown that Music Therapy is effective in relieving Anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation and treating Depression. Music Therapy allows people with emotional problems to explore feelings, make positive changes in mood, practice problem solving, and resolve conflicts. It has been used successfully by mental health institutions during group therapy sessions.

The healing effects of Music Therapy are not limited to mental health. They have been observed in hospitalized patients with burns, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. As a complement to rehabilitation care, Music Therapy seems to strengthen communication and physical coordination skills, as it improves the physical and mental functioning of those with neurological disabilities or developmental disorders. Those with learning, speech and hearing problems may also find Music Therapy helpful.

Music Therapy reduces the need for medication during Childbirth and complements the use of anesthesia during surgery and dental work, especially when children undergo medical and surgical procedures. It is useful in Newborn care of premature infants. Aside from these acute situations, Music Therapy helps ease Chronic Pain.

Music Therapy can also improve the quality of life of terminally ill patients and enhance the well-being of the elderly, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia. It has been used to complement the treatment of AIDS, stroke, Parkinson’s and Cancer. At the same time, Music Therapy is useful in the support of the families and caregivers of such patients.

Most of the reviews published on the subject have been published by the American Music Therapy Association. The broad applications of this tool warrant more formal reviews. We still don’t know just how many conditions could be helped by Music Therapy. Still, changes are that you could enhance your mental and physical health with Music Therapy.

If you consult a music therapist for a particular condition, the therapist will first talk to you about your symptoms and needs. In addition, the therapist will assess your emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities and cognitive skills. Using this information, your therapist will design an appropriate treatment plan that would probably include playing and listening to music, analyzing lyrics, composing songs, improvising and/or using rhythmic movement.

During your regular sessions, the therapist may participate in these activities with you or simply guide you. You may also be encouraged to talk about the images or feelings that are evoked by the music. You and your therapist will select the music used for your therapy according to your needs and tastes. You can choose any kind of music, from classical or new age to jazz or rock. You do not need previous musical experience nor any musical ability to benefit from Music Therapy.

Some Music Therapy is conducted in a group setting. You might perform music with others who have the same condition as you, or you may just interact and relax with others as music plays in the background. If you are in the hospital for surgery or to give birth, your Music Therapy might simply entail listening to your favorite songs to help you relax and reduce pain.

As you may have guessed by now, the presence of a professional is not always required in Music Therapy, though you may need help in getting started. Westerners are only beginning to use music as medicine, though it has long been used successfully in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. To encourage you to create your own Music Therapy sessions, I will share with you the basics of my own brand of Music Therapy. Take what you like and leave the rest.

When I practice Music Therapy, especially for relaxation, the first thing I do is to find a calming environment, where I won’t be disturbed or interrupted. Next, I light Incense or a scented Candle, as I find that aromatherapy helps to calm my body.

Next, I choose the music, which becomes easier the more you learn about your body’s response to different kinds of music. I then sit on the floor, in an upright position with my legs crossed. I breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling very slowly through my nose.

As the music plays, I listen intently to the instruments as if the players were right there in the room playing to me. Often I position myself directly in front of the speaker, so I can feel the vibrations as well as hear the music being played. Some people use headphones. This is fine, but I recommend you feel the sound coming into your body, and not just into your head.

Visualize the Sound Waves coming from the speakers and going through you. Not only should you position yourself physically to catch the sound energy in your body, but you should also focus your mind. Focus on where you want the healing vibrations to go. Listen as you visualize the Sound Waves beaming through your body and replenishing your cells, tissues, and internal organs.

As you practice Music Therapy you will develop the method that works best for you. Once you know how your body responds to certain instruments, timbres, and musical styles, you can design sessions in the sequence you find most beneficial to you.

Ideally, you practice Music Therapy for at least 30 minutes to an hour per day, although even a 20-minute daily session would yield positive results. It can take 10 minutes just for your mind to unwind, so I recommend 30-40 minute sessions.

Those are the basics. As you can gather from all of the above, Music Therapy can be as involved or as simple as the situation warrants. The main thing is just to get started. In this world of noise pollution, practicing Music Therapy may well be the way to start your own peaceful revolution!


American Academy of Audiology (Consumer guides) World Council on Hearing Health (In the news) Friends Against Noisy New York (2005 Newsletter) National Campaign for Hearing Health

About the author

Sam Pasco – is founder and director of He is also a Practitioner of Music Therapy, as well as a Composer and Performer who has performed at some of the largest health and wellness expos in the US. He frequently leads workshops on the vast benefits of music as therapy.

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Music School

May 16th, 2006

“Life is a song. It has its own rhythm of harmony. It is symphony of all things which exist in major and minor keys of Polarity. It blends the discords, by opposites into harmony which unites the whole into a grand symphony of life. To learn through experience is to blend with the whole, it the object of our being here.” Dr. Randolph Stone founder of Polarity Therapy

I call learning about and resolving our personal Dissonance’s music school. Everyone is enrolled. We are all working towards our master’s degree. In this school, whether we like it or not, we must learn about Dissonance and Resonance. Fortunately, music school is a school without walls and we don’t have to pay money for our lessons unless we want to. It is a funny school in that some people pay money not to have lessons, and it always seems like lots of people are trying to “play hooky.”

Sometimes it looks like there are a lot of music school dropouts. Unfortunately for them, the law, sometimes called the “Word of God”, says that they must finish school and pass all their tests at the 100% level. The truant officers like St. Peter and Mr. Lucifer are very strict. Fortunately for us we have all the lifetimes we want to get through school. I have heard of people who have been studying for several million years.

Sometimes our personalities do not understand they are in music school. Our personalities like to make up stories, rearrange things, and spend a lot of time looking good for other personalities. They can’t understand when things sometimes go wrong.

Personalities need to understand their problems are just Dissonance’s seeking Resonance. They have a special opportunity to learn about a new level of energy and make a quantum leap in awareness. Unfortunately when personalities are having problems they are considered a judgment of the personality. Sometimes personalities go to a professional personality person, and this really means their personality is in trouble and their neighbors better not find out!

Personalities need to be told that experiencing Dissonance is a natural state. Dissonance is beautiful. During Dissonance we are like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We are getting ready to transform into a new form. Instead personalities are often times told something is wrong with them. Than when other misinformed personalities hear about personality dissonances and divide the world into healthy personalities and sick personalities. With this kind of environment it’s not surprising that everybody tries to hide their Dissonance and act consonant. I call it the “Who me have Dissonance!” or the “Alfred E. Newman syndrome”.

Personalities sooner or later learn that it is impossible to hide Dissonance. Hidden Dissonance sneaks out and attracts more Dissonance. Some personalities even come to understand the old saying that what you resist will persist.

When we try to hide our Dissonance It doesn’t take long before more dissonant friends show up. They want to have Dissonance fun. When a nice person withholding anger meets another nice person withholding anger they have a good time blaming each other in a nice way. Sometimes they even forget they are nice people and blow up. Than they say “That wasn’t me.”

When Dissonance is pushed into your body it causes different organs to vibrate in dysfunctional ways. Eventually you get a physical dis-ease. Than you say “How did I catch that?”

Than one day, usually in the middle of a crisis, a voice begins to whisper and we listen.

“My dearest one you are a being of Sound composed of many tones. Your body’s shape, movements, desires, motivations, and wellness are determined by your inner concert. The source of your concert is a core of Sound beyond your wants and desires. Listen and the Sound will heal you.”

“This is Music School. Everything you know and feel is Sound. Learn to dance with your Dissonance’s. Your partners may look strange. You may feel them as anger, grief, sadness, fear, and despair. However once you listen they will transform into beautiful sounds.

“The Spiritual concert is everywhere. When you dance your body organs will make sounds and your muscles will play the correct tones. Your voice will sing praises and the stars will shine upon you.

“Use your ears…Graduation day is near.”

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Planetary Songs

May 15th, 2006

The old Greek concept of sympatheia asserts that all forms and processes in the universe are in sympathetic or resonate relationships. The Stoic Hellenistic philosopher Posidonius (1st century BC) is credited with the doctrine of “cosmic sympathy” which lead to the Phyatooregan concept of a “Music of the Spheres” The Phythoregans assigned musical values to the stars and planets, then related those values to all aspects of living. These doctrines are available today in the ancient art of astrology. Astrological birth charts are a musical notation of our personal Resonance with the universe at the moment of our birth.

The recent field of “harmonic astrology” is an example. In astrology the visual relationships between planets in the night sky are called aspects. Harmonic astrology gives each aspect a sonic value based on the musical overtone or harmonic series. Tones in the harmonic series follow the simple numerical sequence of 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5…………n. The relationships between these numbers can be assigned to tones in an auditory modality and planets in a visual-spatial modality. It would be appropriate to refer to the ratios as visual harmonics in the night sky. When the planets move into these ratios special energies are created. The closer these energies are to the source or fundamental tone ie: 1, than the more influential they are.

Lets say Venus and Saturn are within 3 deg. of each other at the time of birth. 3 deg. is the distance astrologers call an orb. An orb is another astro-sonic term for entrainment. It is the the distance at which the two planets will pull each other into a mutual oscillation. This forms the ratio of 1/1. In music this represents a fundamental tone. The fundamental is a generator of overtones and creates a strong Resonance. Therefore the qualities of Venus and Saturn are merged into one tone and this tone becomes dynamic in ones life.

If two planets, Jupiter and Mars are 180 degrees apart in the 360 degree circle of the zodiac, they form the visual ratio 180/360 = 1/2. 1/2 is the musical interval of an octave. In astrology the relationship of180 deg. is called an opposition. Viewed from an ancient harmonic perspective the octave was called diapason. Diapason, literally translated, means “through all” or “through the whole”. Viewed from a sonic perspective this relationship takes on a newer and more refreshing meaning than its traditional astrological terminology.

The next ratio 2/3 creates the musical interval of a fifth. Thie fifth traditionally represents the spirit of harmony in music. It is associated with the cosmic relationship of Yin and Yang and Shiva and Shakti. In astrology a planet at 120 deg. divided by a planet at 180 deg. is 120/180 which reduces to the ratio of 2/3. This relationship is called a trine in traditional astrology and represents harmony.

A plantet at 90º related to a planet at 120º produces the musical interval of a 4th or 3/4. In traditional astrology this is called a square and is considered a difficult aspect. The relationship between the fifth and fourth is the basis for much of the worlds music. The fifth and fourth work together like yin and yang. I imagine the negative connotation of traditional astrology concerning this aspect is based on its tendencies to be unstable and naturally wanting to seek the fifth. However it must be remembered that the fifth can easily go to the fourth. This makes for some interesting thoughts for astrologers.

Astrologers used to be occupied with observing the night sky. Charts and numbers were a method or notating their observations. One has to watch the planets every night and “feel” how they vibrate and pass through different harmonic relationships. Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Mars, and Venus are easily observed on a clear night. I enjoy watching them from streets of Manhattan. I may be walking down Fifth Avenue (no pun intended) and look up, something New Yorkers have forgotten. And to my surprise at the end of Fifth avenue I see Jupiter in the night sky. I will stop and absorb Jupiter with my eyes. I hear Jupiter through my visual impressions. I believe my eyes are tuning into the light waves which are than being transposed inside myself to Sound Waves.

Sometimes when I come to Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street I look to my left and to my surprise I see Mars. I let my visual attention go to Mars. Than I gradually allow my awareness to encompass the feeling of Mars and Jupiter in relationship. Suddenly the concept of harmonic astrology is a real feeling inside of me. I am resonating with the source rather than a lot of lines on a chart. However on cloudy nights I can go back to the charts and get more excited because the lines suddenly take on a new meaning. They now resonate with my experience.

I believe this is what the ancient Chaldeans were able to achieve. Chaldean astronomers are said to have been keeping records on the movements of stars and planets for 490,000 years! Berosus, a Chaldean astronomer responsible for the birth of Greek astrology, settled on the island of Cos and taught there until he was a hundred and sixteen years old. The late first century B.C. Roman writer Vitruvius wrote of Berosus and the Chaldeans, “It must be allowed that we can know what effects the twelve signs, and the sun, moon and five planets, have on the course of human life, from astrology and the calculations of the Chaldeans.”

The Chaldeans did not separate themselves from the heavenly bodies in their observations. They felt the planets through sympatheia. This later lead to the hermetic axiom “as above, so below” which encapsulates the correspondence between the macrocosm and microcosm. Charles Muses believes the “crown jewel of Alexandrian through was the doctrine of the ordered interrelatedness of all things, by the power of what was then termed sympatheia. …..To render this far-reaching thought into our analytic, scientific terms requires the sophisticated concept of holistic systems governed principally by the affinities (or antipathies) generated by resonances (or anti-resonances) in waves of some sort, i.e., in time space periodicities”.

The world view at the peak of Chaldean civilization was a lot different than ours. To say they were primitive or superstitious is a great misunderstanding. Instead of expressing themselves in the calculus of numbers they choose the language of myth and symbols. What is left of their discoveries has been passed on to us through the archetypical symbols of astrology. The direct experience of being with and feeling the stars and planets, the source of so much knowledge, is reawaking today.

To experience Planetary frequencies first hand, check out BioSonic’s Planetary Tuners.

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Bringing Back The Muses

May 11th, 2006

The study and practice of the arts develops within us an ability to appreciate the subtleties of sound, color, movement, touch, taste, and rhythm. Artistry makes life worth living. The spatial and visual arrangement of foods is as important as taste for the Japanese.

The flow and movement of the Chinese martial art Tai Chi Chaun are far more important than learning how to defeat an opponent. Tai Chi Master Ching Man Ching, perhaps the greatest martial artist of the 20th century was also a mater poet, calligrapher, painter, and doctor.

A massage with a sense of flow and rhythm becomes a special “work of art”. Without these qualities massage is a mechanical preprogrammed event.

I call this type of massage the health club rub. A doctor with a sense of timing and Resonance in his voice brings a healing “bedside manor”. Without sensitivity a doctor speaks with the quality of hospital food; processed and thrown together without sensitivity to color, taste, and smell.

A sense of personal artistry creates a necessary foundation for a scientist to do their work. Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity while playing his violin. Playing music led him into creative understandings of the universe which he than translated into numbers. He carried his violin with him wherever he went.

Scientists without a sense of artistry are technicians who know what will happen if they press a button. How they press the button, the process of being present to press the button, and their relationship to their environment while they press the button are unimportant.

The nourishment of artistic qualities in athletics is important. Amy Alcott of the Ladies Professional Golf Association refers to herself as an artist when she plays golf. She talks about her training in music and painting as a necessary preparation for appreciating the subtleties of choices to be made during a round of golf. For her playing golf is like painting a picture.

As artists we are responsible for the quality and flow of our personal life. I have always had a metasense of my life as a work of art.

Beyond my daily chores, hurts, pains and joys I am always creating dreams, intrigues, and journeys. As long as I have this awareness I can enjoy life and remain healthy. When I loose track of the creativity and art in my life I sense myself as sleep walking through a cold, mechanized, and uncaring world.

Journeying beyond our personality we discover multi-directional multi-dimensional energy swirls, whirlpools, dips, slides, rises, drifting and flowing; returning, pushing, and simultaneously pulling us into a gateway of pulsating space bounded by sensitive thoughts.

Full of floating emotions expanding outwards through permeable layers of visions bursting into reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos and violets that swirl, slide, dip, rise, flow into multi directional multi dimensional movements that softly bring us back to our personality and whisper: Remember the art and joy of being alive.

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Sound Heals

May 10th, 2006

Researchers throughout the world are reporting intriguing new ways about how sound vibration heals the body, mind, spirit and the environment. The words people choose to speak and the music people listen to have profound power to decrease pain, draw people out of emotional and mental isolation and even clear polluted water.

And scientists are discovering that certain deep space sounds are amazingly similar to the sounds of dolphins, Tibetan bowls and human choirs.

Why Is this Important to You?

Because you can use music, song, vibration and words to dramatically affect your own health and the well-being of other people. The impact, potential and mystery of the healing power of sound is demonstrated in the following heart-warming true stories.

Wake Up and Dance, Little Suzy

Do you remember the movie ?Awakenings?? Based on a true story, the film features the work of neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks with Parkinson?s disease patients. Many of these patients whose bodies had been immobile for decades from the effects of Parkinson?s began groovin? to the sounds of music. Patients who had not left their wheelchairs for years, got up and began dancing to certain types of music.

After the success of these patients, Sacks, teamed up with the music director from the Institute for Physical and Neurologic Function and has been using music as therapy with miraculous results. According to the music director, patients who can?t walk “bound out of their chairs and start dancing as long as the music is present. For people who have motor problems, music acts as a catalyst.”

Potent Prayer Power

When a Buddhist priest prayed for an hour over the polluted water in a lake behind a dam in Japan, the crystalline structure of the water changed from malformed and distorted to one of immense Beauty and power. The lake was transformed into a healthy source of pure water. A distinctly visible aura appeared around the water Crystals in photographs.

Autistic Man “Flew the Coop”

A Music Therapy instructor from Yale University tells a breakthrough story about Jerry, a 26-year-old man who wouldn?t speak, whose mental age was between 2 and 8 and who threw extremely self-destructive Tantrums. Jerry was so transformed by Music Therapy that he was able to free himself from his “Autistic mold” and create a way to support himself in the world. What?d he do?

Pairing up with a graphic designer, Jerry launches a profitable greeting card company. Jerry writes many of the messages and helps design the cards. Aptly, they name the company “Flew the Coop.”

Trippy Space Sounds

What do the sounds of dolphins, human choirs and Tibetan bowls* have in common? The sounds they make are uncannily similar to tones found in outer space.

While examining the recordings of spacecrafts Voyager I and II at the California Institute for Human Science, scientists discover that sounds produced by the rings of Uranus are virtually identical to those produced by Tibetan bowls. Sounds emitted by the planet Jupiter strongly compare to the high-pitched cries of dolphins. And sounds from the smallest moon of Uranus resemble vocal choirs.

Researchers believe that this similarity is no coincidence. The cosmic vibrations of dolphins, bowls and choirs are currently being used to stimulate alignment and healing at the cellular level.

“Tibetan bowls” are used in The Dream Workshops to assist people to relax plus the bowl?s vibration gently helps “break up” old patterns of behavior that are no longer useful or healthy.

Rockabye Baby

Hospitals report that newborns who are sung or spoken to on a regular basis go home 3-5 days earlier and weigh more than babies who aren?t exposed to specific periods of adult speech or song. 50% of women who listen to music during Childbirth don?t need anesthesia.

We are only hearing the first few bars in the symphony of healing that awaits humanity as we open to the dynamic harmonious effects of sound.

About the author

Keith Varnum - For similar inspirational articles, visit The Dream Workshops.

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Toning and Using Tuning Forks

May 9th, 2006

There are several ways to tone your tuning forks:

  1. for the softest sound, tap Tuning Forks on a hard muscle such as the thigh near the knee or the firmest part of the palm of your hand
  2. for a slightly louder sound, tap Tuning Forks individually or in pairs, or tap on the Tuning Fork Activator
  3. for a loud sound, tap gently on your knee cap
  4. for the loudest sound, very gently tap two Tuning Forks against each other or tap a single fork on the edge of a hard surface such as a table. Be careful not to nick them.

Ways to use Tuning Forks

Tone a single fork or two forks together to create a harmonic and either hold or move above the body or place stem end on:

  • any tissue of the body such as bones, organs and muscles
  • acupuncture points or meridian energy lines (known as Soundpuncture)
  • reflex zones of feet, hands, ears or head
  • chakras or transition points between chakras, front or back
  • a crystal as you direct the crystal toward the recipient
  • any vessel containing flower essences, gem elixers, homeopathics, purified water, or any vibrational remedy
  • planetary acupuncture points at various locations on planet Earth
  • sweep through the subtle layers of energy field
  • stroke meridians
  • when toning two forks together, you can use to balance left/right, top/bottom, or front/back of the body
  • move through a room to fill a space with a particular frequency
  • move all around a person to clear discordant energies and fill their aura with a particular frequency

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    ReflexAromas is where you can find Quality Reflexology Tools, specially-formulated Essential Oil blends for a variety of health conditions, Massage Therapy tools and Crystals.

    NaturalEco Organics is where we recommend you go for Organic, natural, chemical-free products and quality remedies for a safe, healthy journey for Mom and Baby, from Pregnancy to baby’s Nursery!

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May 8th, 2006

Learning to identify, understand and honor Dissonance leads to new levels of living and wellness. Dissonance means without sonic alignment or to “beat against”. Our first reactions to dissonances, weather in music or life, are to label them undesirable and something to be avoided. When Igor Stravinsky premiered The Rite of Spring many listeners rioted. They cited the horrible dissonances in the music as the cause. A group of doctors tried to sue Stravinsky for damaging peoples ears. Today many find the dissonances in The Rite of Spring to be harmonies.

During the Middle Ages the Catholic church determined what musical tones and intervals were spiritual. New musical sounds were usually introduced through heresy and thought to be the work of the devil. As hard as it is to believe, many people were executed and tortured for playing the “wrong note”.

Go to the piano keyboard and play C and G than play the octave of C and C. If you lived in the Dark Ages you may be on your way to being a music star. Now play C and C followed by C and F#. Uh-oh! You made a fatal mistake. You are now on your way to being burned at the stake or worse. C and F# were considered to be the interval of the devil.

Our life experiences of Dissonance vary greatly. A commonly used word for Dissonance is stress. Dr. Hans Selye defines stress as adaptation to change. Those that resist change will perceive stress as distress. Those that accept change may experience the same stress as euphoria or U-stress. In other words what is distress for one person may be euphoria for another. This may explain from a scientific perspective why the dissonances of a music composition like Stravinskys Rite of Spring may be terrible for one person and beautiful for another.

The process of a child learning to swing illustrates the principle of Dissonance as a necessary component of acquiring a new skill. The child learns to pull on the swing at just the right time through hundreds of misses. Because missed pulls are out of alignment with the desired feeling of swinging they are perceived by the child as frustrating. “How can I learn to swing if I keep pulling and nothing happens!’

Eventually through watching other children, getting hands on help from parents, and achieving many mini successes the child begins to internalize a “right feeling” of swinging. The misses contrasted to the “right feeling” may ironically lead to increasing states of Dissonance. When we have no idea of the right way the wrong way is acceptable. When we experience the right way the wrong way seems even more dissonant.

One day something happens, a right movement, an “accident”, or somebody says something that “makes sense” and suddenly the child knows how to swing. They can pull on the swing again and again at just the right moment. From this moment on the child knows how to swing for the rest of their life.

The Nobel Prize winning physics, Dr. Ilya Prigogine discovered the importance of Dissonance while investigating chemical systems. He termed his discoveries “order from chaos”. Prigogine proved that for a system to change and go into a higher state of functioning it must first pass through a state of disruption or chaos. The sonic term for chaos is Dissonance.

Prigogine points out the crucial role Dissonance plays in living systems evolving into higher levels of order or Resonance. He discovered that all living systems dissipate more and more energy over time caused by fluctuations or dissonances inherent within the system. As time passes these dissonances increase in intensity causing the system to move further and further from equilibrium. Soon everything begins to wobble. The wobbling increases until all preexisting order within the system shatters causing the system to leap into chaos.

Prigogine terms the precise moment a system goes from order to chaos a bifurcation point. As a system approaches bifurcation it only takes a very small and seemingly inconsequential event to create chaos. From chaos the system reorganizes itself into a new system functioning at a higher-level Resonance.

Whether the Resonance is a higher or lower level than the original system is determined by what mathematicians call “strange attractors”. Strange attractors can be visualized as seeds of the new order sown during the old order. For example, a child learning to swing builds attractors through mini successes, modeling other children, and positive encouragement. When the old order disintegrates the new order reforms around the vibration of these experiences.

We must learn to listen to and appreciate Dissonance in our life. For example, an alarm clock is dissonant for our sleeping self. However for our waking self the alarm clock is a sound we created to remind us to wake up. Oftentimes we forget that our waking self set the alarm. The alarm annoys us. Weget angry. Maybe we throw our alarm clock across the room. When we surrender to the message we awake and remember. “Today I got up early to begin my vacation.” Thank goodness for that alarm or I would have missed my plane.

From a BioSonic perspective the experiences of Dissonance are our inner alarm system. When an alarm goes off something is going to change weather we think we are going to like it or not. The more we resist alarms the more the intensity of Dissonance increases in our life.

We must learn to appreciate Dissonance and actively listen to our inner alarms. The following “Dissonance ear training”, is to help us tune into our alarms and wake up. Each volume level is like an alarm clock getting louder and louder. We are free to wake up at any volume.

Dissonance Level 1: “Not Quite Right Feeling”

We recognize a vague feeling of discomfort or inner voice whispers a warning. Often times our body slightly tightens. Sometimes we may perceive a subtle feeling of pulling away. The intensity of the alarm is low enough to easily overlook or dismiss. It is the kind of message that we recognize in hindsight and say “I should have listened,” or “I had a feeling”.

Dissonance Level 2: Minor Problem

We have progressed beyond the not quiet right feeling and can consciously, if only for a moment, identify the source of irritation. A friend or relative doesn’t clean up after themselves in the house and we don’t say anything. It is even uncomfortable for us to do their cleaning, however it is a small problem and the discomfort soon leaves. Often times we will tell ourselves a story: “It is OK, they will be leaving in a few days. He is such a good person it is worth it to do these things for him just to have him here. “Although we may even come to believe our stories, which in psychological terms is the beginning of denial, our bodies always tighten when faced with a minor problem.

Dissonance Level 3: Major Problem

The source of irritation is clear and in our consciousness for long periods of time. It is increasingly difficult to tell ourselves stories. We know something is wrong and that there is a problem. The person went from occasionally throwing something on the floor to everyday leaving papers, tracking in dirt, overstaying their welcome, and playing the stereo late at night. Even our neighbors are complaining.

However it is still possible to somehow put off our problem. We tell ourselves more stories: “If I am nicer, maybe the person will go away. It’s not his or her fault, they had a hard childhood. Maybe their behavior has something to do with me.” At this level of Dissonance everyone knows we have a problem except us. When we finally do something about it everyone is relieved. When we keep denying, then the problem goes to a higher level of Dissonance.

Dissonance Level 4: Crisis

The Dissonance is loud and screeching. We can’t get away from it. Everywhere we go it is with us. Our whole universe seems to be shaking and falling apart. In psychotherapeutic language we are “bottoming out” and there is no place left to go but up. We have to face the Dissonance. Many people tell stories of reaching the bottom and finding a new life.

I learned a long time ago not to judge people at the bottom. While working at Bellevue psychiatric hospital I was called as a therapist to a flop house on the Bowery. We were trying to extend our services into the community and help people before they reached hospitalization stage. On this occasion, I walked into a small dirty room that smelled of human waste with cockroaches running from wall to wall. In the room there was a man covered with spit laying on a dirty bed. A priest sitting next to him preparing to give last rites. I was discussed that I should be called to such a place and angry with this man for letting his life depreciate to such a low level.

For some reason I stayed. As the priest gave the last rites, the man on the bed opened his eyes and said “I see Jesus.” Suddenly he began to glow. I actually felt the vibration in the room increase. As I looked at this dying man he suddenly became soft and radiant. I could feel his energy enveloping the room. I felt as though I was blessed and showered with grace.

All of this lasted just a few minutes by the clock and an eternity from my inner time perspective. When he exhaled his last breath, this filthy disgusting drunk had transformed into one of the most important spiritual teachers of my life. He taught me that a crisis can be an opportunity for extraordinary growth and that I should be very humble in my judgments of other people’s life Dissonance.

Jacobs Ladder

The ancient story of Jacob’s Ladder illustrates the mythological relationship between Dissonance and order. Jacob’s Ladder is an archetypical ladder between heaven and earth. We begin as spiritual beings at the top of the ladder and descend until we become earthly beings at the bottom of the ladder. Our spiritual journey begins when we choose to climb back up the ladder. Each rung upwards represents increasing states of energy and consciousness.

The transitions from one rung to another on Jacob’s ladder are different than a regular ladder. The rungs are in discontinuous steps. This means distance between each rung becomes greater and greater the further we go up the ladder.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder requires a special climbing skill which is sometimes referred to as quantum leaping. We are at one level of vibration or rung on the ladder then suddenly we are at another. We literally leap from one rung something like excited electrons jumping from one orbit to another and changing the nature of an atom.

The myth of Jacob’s Ladder is very real in our everyday life. The process of moving into different states of energy begins with Dissonance. During Dissonance our life becomes challenged. The more we deny our challenge the greater our Dissonance becomes. There are no solutions on our current rung of the ladder. We must seek change and seek resolutions from a higher perspective.

I have come to believe the man I worked with on the Bowery was on very high rung of the ladder. He resisted the jump to the next rung until the last moment. During his last rights he surrendered to whatever internal Dissonance he had been avoiding. He made what appeared to be an inconceivable leap. His gift was to show me that at any moment Dissonance may transform into a new and higher state of Resonance.

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New Music, New Sound

May 7th, 2006

The healing arts, like the musical arts, are undergoing a revolution. Just as there is a new music, there is a new healing. Speaking of the new healing, Dr. Larry Dossey states:

“…The spacetime view of healing and disease tells us that a vital part of the goal of every therapist is to help the client toward a reordering of his world view. We must help him realize that he is a process in spacetime, not an isolated entity who is fragmented from the world of the healthy and who is adrift in flowing time, moving slowly toward extermination. To the extent that we accomplish this task, we are healers.”(1)

For the new healers, the accomplishment of this task is through consciousness. In traditional medicine the focus of health care is on the physical body. Consciousness is no longer accepted.

“Everything is alive. There is nothing in principle, therefore, preventing the use of consciousness as a primary form of therapeutic intervention at all levels of matter - from the subatomic particles through molecules, cells, tissues, organ systems, etc.”(2)

The assumption of this article is that new music is opening the doors to a new way of being - that the experience of listening to new music can alter our world view and change our consciousness and thereby transmute our physical. And furthermore, that this transmutation is necessary for our next step in evolution, as well as living completely in our current reality.

Defining new music is elusive because the listener is the music. When the listener is “in self” and willing to go everywhere, without hesitation, totally involves and multi-dimensional without regard to any preconceived form (including his physical body) then it would be fair to say that all music is new music.

New music by way of the composer, composition, and performance challenges the listener to maintain his sense of self while being involved in a nonlinear multi-dimensional event.

New music is teaching and preparing us for a universe described by Einstein as “an aggregate of non-simultaneous and only partially overlapping transformational events.” John Cage expresses it this way in his Experimental Music Doctrine:

“Urgent, unique, uninformed about history and theory, beyond the imagination, central to a sphere without surface, becoming is unimpeded energetically broadcast. There is no escape from its action. It does not exist as one of a series of discrete steps, but as a transmission in all directions from the field’s center. It is inextricably synchronous with all other sounds, not-sound, which latter, received by other sets that the ear, operate in the same manner.”(3)

Entering new music with our ears - listening - we seek harmony. Not harmony in the tonal sense, but harmony in the original meaning of the word, “to fit together.” We learn to let ourselves fit with and resonate with the sounds. Dissonance means not fitting. Dissonance is an inability to be flexible. It is the root of all disease. The physicist David Bohm speaks of health as the essence of nonobstructed, indivisible, flowing movement of the self’s internal harmony transcribed into the external world. When the internal and external are at odds with each other - dissonant - the result is disease or a break in harmony. In tonal music the appreciator sought the fundamental in the music as a metaphor of spiritual unity, the ending of a journey. In new music one seeks the fundamental in one’s self; the return to the fundamental is anywhere, anytime, and any direction, because the fundamental is everywhere and here.

“Location and times - what is it in me that meets them all, whenever and wherever, and makes me at home? (Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass)

“Wherever we are, whatever we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating. The sound of a truck at fifty miles per hour. Static between the stations. Rain.”(4)

This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of new music, that the listener must not only appreciate the sound but give him or herself to the sound. John Cage says that sound:

“…does not view itself as thought, as ought, as needed another sound for its elucidation, as etc.; it has no time for any consideration - it is occupied with the performance of its characteristics: before it has died away it must have made perfectly exact its frequency, its loudness, its length, its overtone structure, the precise morphology of these and of itself.”(5)

Webster’s defines healing as “to make sound” It might be more accurate if we were to say “to become sound.”

Look around! We live in the age of the “nuclear concert,” the sound of which will instantly transmute us into light. Are we prepared to listen?’ I am using nuclear weapons as a very real metaphor for the challenge that faces each of us. This challenge is not so much to do away with the nuclear weapons but to transform ourselves to a level of being equivalent to the power of nuclear reality. Our current form, both physical and mental, is inadequate to understand or even cope with the awesomeness around us. We have to incubate a new form, perhaps a formless reforming form. For new music composers, structuring the formless is the challenge of our time. To create a disappearing structure which captivates the mind to witness beyond itself; to be with the unknown, to merge with the unknown, to become the unknown. We must be willing to face our own death in order to live in a new way.

Along the same lines, Stockhausen has said that he is writing music, not for the apocalypse, but for the post-apocalypse, for the time of reintegration when people would have to be picking up the pieces. Speaking of his composition “Hymmen” as a physical-psychic therapy he talks of catastrophes to come and their relationship to increased consciousness. He sees his music as being on the other side of death, on the other side of these coming catastrophes.

“Well, I hear it this way. You see, becoming conscious is already being on the other side. You see clearly where we are up to and then death isn’t frightening any more. Also a collective death is large groups. Because you feel that our destiny is a universal destiny and not only a terrestrial one…” (6)

New healing views matter as consciousness; therefore the assumption that our physical bodies are solid material which eventually decays and dies is no longer valid.

“All matter belongs to the implicate (internal) order where everything is alive. What we call death is an abstractions.”

Healing is not always comfortable. New-music composers have been severely and unjustly criticized by the traditional medical establishment as well as tonal-classicists. David Tame in his book “The Secret Power of Music - The Transformation of Self and Society Through Musical Energy” devotes a whole chapter to criticizing new music composers for their lack of consciousness:

“Would the reader allow me here to offer an opinion? No proof, no scientific discussion about the pros and cons of the conviction if I find myself with - just a simple gut reaction; that there is something distinctly dangerous to the consciousness in such music (new music) as this. Dangerous in perhaps surprisingly tangible and immediate ways. It is as though there exists a chasm within each of these compositions: a dark, yawning crevasse which, if we allow it to , will gladly swallow up whatever portion of our mind we offer it by the directing of our attention towards it.” (8)

Tame is essentially a man unwilling to change, to let go of his form. A man who does not realize that the very music that he dislikes is challenging him to grow - to become a new person. His is uncomfortable with his music, so he therefore assumes that it has a negative effect on individuals and societies. He wants to go back to a time before the bomb, he wants to “melt” listening to Beethoven. He wants to be spared the pain of transformation. He wants to remain unconscious. Is he that different from you and me?

New music is not a passive experience; it is a way of being. In the words of Boulez:

“Nothing is based on the ‘masterpiece,’ on the closed cycle, on passive contemplation, on purely aesthetic enjoyment. Music is a way of being in the world, it becomes an integral part of existence, is inseparably connected with it; it is an ethical category, no longer merely an aesthetic one.”(9)

In summary, new music is bringing forth necessary changes in our self on both physical and mental levels to be able to live harmoniously in our times and in times to come. We need to listen to and be in touch with the music of our times. New-music composers and musicians need to serve in a very in a very humble way. The days of Beethoven-like power are over. We have to work for and campaign for our audiences - not just for ourselves but for our fellow composers and ultimately for the transformation necessary for a leap in evolution.

A new world is only a new mind!

(William Carlos Williams)



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Solar Harmonic Spectrum Protocols

May 6th, 2006

The theory and practice of Tuning Forks in Sound Therapy is explained and demonstrated in the video Sound Healing With Tuning Forks and in the book Music And Sound In The Healing Arts.


Cross the Tuning Forks on each interval of the mediation. For example if C is held in the left ear and G in the right ear then on the next tap hold C in the right ear and F in the left ear. The crossing pattern continues throughout the Meditation. If you want to extend the Meditation then cross each interval i.e., C in the left ear and G in the right ear then C in the right ear and G in the left ear.

Meditation #1: General Balance and Wellbeing

5th C G 4th C F 6th C A 5th C G 5th C G

Meditation #2: Motivation

5th C G 3rd C E 6th C A 5th C G 3rd C E

Meditation #3: Creativity

5th C G 7th C B 2nd C D 6th C A 5th C G

Meditation #4: Spiritual Awakening

Unison C128 C128 (or hum low drone tone) 6th C A 6th C A Octave C C512

Meditation #5: General Element Balancing

Unison C128 C128 (or hum low drone tone) 2nd C D 7th C B 3rd C E 6th C A 4th C F 5th C G Octave C C512

Meditation #6: Grounding and Earth Balance

Unison C128 C128 (or hum low drone tone) 4th C F 4th C F Unison C128 C128

Meditation #7: Water Balance

6th C A 7th C B 2nd C D 5th C G

Meditation #8: Fire Balance

3rd C E 6th C A 2nd C G 5th C A

Medtiation #9: Air Balance

5th C G 4th C F 3rd C E 5th C F

Meditation #10: Ether Balance

5th C G Octave C C512 5th C G Octave C C512

Basic Element / Interval Relationships

Element Quality / Interval / Color

Ether / C - C512 / Blue Earth / C & C* / Red Air / Stimulating and Rising C-G / Blue Green Air / Calming and Decending C-F / Blue Fire / Stimulating and Rising C-A / Yellow Orange Fire / Calming and Descending C-E / Yellow Water / Stimulating and Rising C-B / Red Orange Water / Calming and Descending C-D / Orange * Usually two 128 Ottos or low drone humming.

Pythagorean Music of the Spheres Relationships

Circle of the Zodiac / C - C512

Sun / C - G Earth / C - F Moon / C - D Mercury / D - F Venus / C - E Mars / C - A Jupiter / D - B Saturn / C - B

Match Letters to make planetary intervals.

Note: Unless indicated all C’s refer to C(256).

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