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how to help teen cope with stress

How to Help Your Teen Cope with Stress

If your teenager is anything like other teenagers, they have almost every moment of their day mapped out. Even if they like keeping busy or are participating in activities that they like, it can still be a source of stress for them. Help them to manage their activities so that stress works for them instead […]

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Foods to Eat for Stress Relief

Foods to Eat for Stress Relief

Sometimes, stress can produce food cravings… and those are not always healthy foods. In fact, common stress-induced cravings like sugar can create energy highs and lows that just leave you more stressed. What if you could nourish your stressed-out body with particular foods? It may be that you can! Eating a healthy diet is important […]

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Why Pills and Wellness Don’t Mix

Wellness is being free of physical and psychological ailments. It’s something we all want to achieve so we can feel content with our lives and be happy. The 20th and 21st centuries have come up everything from vitamin supplements to snake oil to improve our wellness. Whilst they do what they say on the box […]

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Finding Ways Past Passive Aggressive Behavior

When somebody is feeling stressed it is possible for them to end up displaying passive aggressive behavior, or passive avoidance behavior. Instead of dealing with their emotions in constructive ways, a person displaying this type of behavior is likely to act out indirectly and in disruptive ways. These types of behavior are often very strange. […]

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