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7 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

Are you getting tired of tossing around for a long time before you finally get to sleep? It’s no wonder – sleep deprivation can affect your health, love life, job performance, memory…the list goes on. So how can you get to sleep sooner without the tossing? Here are 7 tips for falling asleep faster: 1. […]

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Causes and Treatment for Insomnia

What is insomnia and is it a sleeping disorder? To answer these questions you need to know what a sleeping disorder is and what does it mean when someone has insomnia. When someone is said to have insomnia they have a condition in which they are having difficulty either falling asleep or staying asleep. Individuals […]

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Restless Leg Syndrome At a Glance

The individual with restless leg syndrome is plagued by uncomfortable sensations in the limbs and sometimes the trunk of the body. These symptoms worsen during the evening or at night while the person is trying to sleep. This individual often suffers from insomnia because of the condition and often times are unable to function at […]

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Drugs and Sleep Disorders

People who have sleep disorders – whether rare or quite common – know how frustrating it can be to not get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it is true that the rarer the sleep disorder, the less that is known about it, and therefore treatment may be ineffective or hard to come by. Many people […]

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Home Remedy for Insomnia

Humans need at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep every 24 hours, to remain mentally alert and physically active during work hours. Older people may sleep less at night and have small naps during the day to fulfill the body’s requirement of sleep. But getting a restful sleep is not something that everyone enjoys. There […]

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RLS – A Common Sleep Disorder

Thanks to the media, restless leg syndrome (RLS) is becoming recognized by more individuals. RLS disturbs the sleep of not only the person who has it but their bed partner as well because the individual besides RLS can also have spastic limb movements that can disturb the sleep of both individuals. The individual with RLS […]

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