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Is Taking Medication for Anxiety the Best Option?

Here is the good news about anxiety disorders: They are treatable. There are a variety of treatments for anxiety, including behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and medication. But the question more and more patients are posing to their doctors is: Is prescription medication the best treatment option? Anxiety is complicated to diagnose because it […]

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Catnip can help anxiety

Your Cat’s Catnip May Help Your Anxiety

As its name suggests, catnip is a popular herb among felines.  Its scent attracts them, and simply smelling it makes them feel euphoric and frisky.  But did you know that catnip is also an effective herbal remedy for humans? Catnip has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and related problems.  It works particularly well […]

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Facial Expressions May Affect Your Mood So… Say Cheese!

Can you believe that something as simple as flexing your facial muscles into a smile can provide instant health benefits? Numerous studies show a connection between facial expressions and mood. Even when frowns are prevented from occurring with a cosmetic procedure, studies have concluded that the inability to frown actually improved a subject’s mood and […]

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Panic Attack Signs and Symptoms

Panic Attack: Signs and Symptoms

A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming fear and anxiety, usually without any clear reason and without warning. It can happen to anyone regardless of age, health and status. Many attacks are a one-time occurrence, but some people experience recurring episodes. Recurring episodes are often caused by a “trigger” like speaking in front […]

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Natural Remedies for Depression

Do you ever find yourself feeling depressed?  If so, you may be looking for relief.  Depression is a medical condition that can be mentally and emotionally draining.  Those who have depression with dangerous and deadly thoughts, such as suicide, are urged to speak with a medical professional immediately.  However, if you only find yourself feeling […]

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What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

Thousands of men and women in America suffer from sleep problems that include trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or just not getting enough sound sleep. This rest deprivation is wrecking such havoc in their schedules that they are turning to prescription medications to alleviate the problem. Nearly one third of the population is tormented […]

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Agoraphobia – Some Natural Help

Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves fear, anxiety and nervousness prompted by new environments remedy to calm fears related to leaving the house and being in crowds Leaving the comfort zone Heart palpitations, shaking, sweating, difficulty swallowing, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and trembling are considered normal responses if facing a life-threatening situation or catastrophe… sometimes […]

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