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Raising Responsible Kids

Every parent wants to know that they have equipped their child for the real world. It is a big responsibility but one that is well worth the effort. And that is what we are talking about here – responsibility. We want to teach our children to one day become contributing members of society. How would […]

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Ways of Teaching Kids How Not to Be Selfish

Parents have a tough job. They have to provide physically and emotionally for the child, teach them right from wrong, and train them to be productive citizens. Since selfishness isn’t a character trait most people approve of, you may be looking for ways of teaching kids not to be selfish. The best way to avoid […]

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Green Cooking: You Can Cook Green!

What on earth is Green Cooking? Well, we’re not referring to green cookware, nor are we talking about cooking green vegetables (although, these are very good for you!) Green cooking concerns more than the color of your foods. Genuine green cooking covers your selection of foods and how they’re cooked. Here are a few green […]

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Meal Planning to Save $$ at the Grocery Store

The amount of food that goes into landfill sites each year is truly staggering. It’s not only an environmental problem. It’s also a waste of your hard-earned cash. A recent scientific study calculated that wasting food means that the average American family puts at least $600 or more a year in the trash. Now, would […]

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